Colombian women dating

Colombian women

Colombian ladies are like diamonds of pacific South American part. Their basic characteristic is a positive attitude to life and the joy of every new day. If there's anything you don't have to be worry about spending time with a Colombian beauties, it's boring. Statistic says colombian men and women are third most happiest people on the world.

Colombia borders with Venezuela, Peru, Brazil, Ecuador, Peru and Panama. The population is over 49 million people with capital city Bogota. Residents speak Spanish and most of them profess the Catholic Church. Even of theirs popular religion, they are able to respect other world religions which is not extreme or radical. 

Columbia is fourth biggest Latin American economics and part of it cover Amazonian rainforest. People living in this warm country are the most ethnically and  linguistically diverse from countries arround whole world. Cultural heritage cover European, African, Indian and many other mix. Colombia is a member of the CIVETS or Pacific Alliance. 

Colombian women characteristic:

  • Women are friendly and has positive approach to theirs live
  • They know pretty good create relaxed atmosphere at home
  • Colombian beauties like to cook. Even easy and fast made food which is light for body
  • Peace agreement in living with another culture is number one behind theirs families
  • Most of women and Colombian girls love small kids so you can expect she will be great mother
  • Women and men loves to dance. Its important part of Colombian culture so if you want to dating such a lady, you should really like dance
  • Well all plus has also some minus, When you dating Colombian lady, you can expect her to be jealous. They are temperament and sometimes really seriously jealous.
  • Even life standard are lower than in compare with American women they are not violence of victim. The flow of theirs lifes is just little different. They are more happily, less stressed...

How does Colombian women looks like:

  • Afro-Colombian women has stunning bodies with awesome skin tone from the Sun
  • Most of them are slim because of light food type they eat
  • Colombian girls skin is mostly clear without wrinkles and pimples
  • Like any other Latin America women they speak Spanish
  • Typical Colombianas love fashion and be dressed up to date. Fashion is important part of their culture. Some people might think some beautiful women of Colombia looks like Gold Diggers, but really not. There are same % coverage of these type of women like in any other culture

How to meet women from Colombia?

  1. First recommendation, don't be afraid to meet them face to face.
  2. These latinos are not afraid from contact to talk with man. It doesnt mean you can expect quick road into her bedroom, but you can expect she will be able to talk with you.
  3. Great point - women from Colombia know to speak englich very good, because of local culture mix.
  4. Best strategy to meet such a beauty is to meet them on the international dating website.
  5. Make and fill your dating profile. Keep on your mind she will probably look when you will contact her.
  6. Send her first twinkle with message and when she reply, you can start flow conversation.
  7. Avoid unpolite "dirty" conversation type about sex and other topics like that. These Latino America women don't like sexual tourist and they are interest about serous relationship like any other women around the world.
  8. When everything works well, you can ask for a date. If you would like to make her feel comfortable, you can arrived into her country.

Colombia women dating

How to date women from Colombia?

Females from Colombia are friendly and easy to talk with. This point doesn't mean you can ask them to have a sex with you after 30 minutes of conversation. In this point, they are like females from any other country even country is warm, people friendly and love dance in warm days. Women from Colombia are not agressive feminists. Keep polite behaviour. When they notice there is gentleman beside, they will be more interest than just talk with new Homer Simpson.

Cartagena, Barranquilla, Cali, Medellín, Bogota, Antioquia area or Cauca all of them works the same way of rules, dating and living just now in peace process with other cultures.

  1. First take a time to think what type of lady you would like to date. Party girl from dance floor or serious girl from library? Yes, these type of ladies you can find too, just think about what do you want from future. Big benefit of Colombians is, there are many types of nationalities in this ritch mixed culture.
  2. Learn dance Colombian people love dance. They are dancing on the street, in the club, where ever they want. Colombia state has low age average, people living just now and if you want to join, you should really love dance.
  3. Go for it - leave your fear behind, Colombian women love man who is real man. You don't need to be macho hero, but don't be affraid to make next steps. Talk when its time to talk, dance when its time to dance, listen her when she is talking and kiss her when its time for kiss. Dont wait for female agreement, do it automaticaly when its time to go for it.
  4. Take care of you Poeple of colombia - men or women not deppends, they love to take care of them. Most of Colombians have a shower more than once per day. They use deodorants because don't like to smell. Parfun is not word from dictionairy. Most of Colombians know pretty good to take care of their self. Like to be dressed up to date male and female - both the same. So please keep your tourist short and old t-shirt at home. 
  5. Gentleman has open door - be kind, polite. When you will open the door for her, bring the flower, listen her you will win the heart of your beauty much faster.

Safety in Colombia

Well, people from this amazing country are one of the most happiest on the world, but every coin has two sides. In case of Colombia its drug gangs which fight between each other once a time. Peace accord between them is important part of daily life. Great feedback for you is, these issues doesnt cover typical Colombians. It cover only little % of inhabitans of the country. So you don't need to be affraid go for a visit.

Not sure about dating an Colombian women? You can try other nationalities, such as Brazil or women from Chile. Just keep searching and your lucky star will find you when it’s the right time. Smart people know that, for each of us, there is always someone with whom to share life’s happy moments.

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