Czech women

Czech women

Ah, the Czech Republic. A small country full of gorgeous girls. Visit any of the larger cities and you’ll be amazed at how many beautiful women strut their funky stuff along the sidewalks.

Most Czech females are tall, blonde, and slim, and equipped with dazzling smiles. Interested? Hooked? Yes, you should be. During the long cold winters, these stunning beauties are well-insulated – wrapped in chunky parkas they resemble polar bears on two legs. But, visit the cities and towns in spring or summer and there are slinky women and girls everywhere.

What do Czech ladies look like?

Fantastic! Great figures, healthy complexion, long beautiful hair, wide smiles and bright eyes. Walk through the centre of Prague, the capital, and you’ll start to believe you’re in paradise. Almost every woman looks like a model. They know they look great and know how to utilize their natural beauty.

  • They are honest, kind and friendly
  • Naturally attractive, they don’t spend hours applying layers of make-up in front of a mirror
  • They know how to have a good time, and radiate an amazing inner sparkle
  • Laughter comes naturally – they enjoy life
  • They like to be fashionable, but look just as stunning in jeans and t.shirts as they do in party clothes or more formal evening wear
  • They are smart and sassy, and most are happy to converse in English

Reason for dating a beautiful Czech woman?

Where to start? Loving and loyal, Czech females are well-educated and happy to make decisions concerning what’s best to maintain a strong, steady relationship. Most follow the traditional views of love and marriage and, when choosing a life-partner, will know exactly how to look after and please her man.

Also, because the majority of Czechs have good employment, they are not out to capture a rich man from the West.

Having successfully broken free from the shackles of Communism, the Czechs are open to meeting people from other cultures. Czech girls are especially interested in meeting guys from countries such as the United States, the UK, Germany and France, and have no problem should it come to relocating to one of these countries.

Dating Czech women

How do I date a single female from Czech Republic?

Remember – manners maketh man! Czech men are usually boorish, macho, smoke like chimneys and spit freely. Therefore, a well-mannered man from another country will be of utmost interest to a good-natured, beautiful Czech girl. Flowers are nice and a good idea, but never present your date with an even number of blooms – it’s stupid but it’s considered unlucky!

  1. Be a gentleman. Open doors for your lady, and allow her to enter first. Help her on with her coat, and listen attentively to her conversation. When visiting a restaurant or café, allow her to choose the table and then wait for her to sit before doing so yourself. Yes, it’s all pretty obvious stuff – but these things are important.
  2. Do not treat your date as some piece of eye-candy. She will expect to be treated as an equal partner, so remember to consult her on all those important decisions that turn up out of the blue.
  3. Don’t mention sex on the first date. And don’t talk about your previous conquests. No one likes a know-all, and it’s not necessary to brag about how much money you earn. Be your natural self, don’t pretend to be someone you are not. Remember that the truth will always be discovered at a later date.

Stuff to remember

Most Czech women and girls are looking for a serious, long-term relationship, with a possible view to marriage. A part-time romance is not part of the deal, so don’t waste her time – and yours – by playing around.

A good sense of humour is always a great asset and is essential for those difficult moments, such as breaking the ice when two people meet for the first time. However, don’t overdo the ‘funny man’ act – as with most things, a little is enough.

When it comes to what to wear, there’s no need to be too smart. A clean pair of trousers, a shirt and jacket will be okay for your first encounter – and, of course, clean shoes. A suit and tie are also okay, but perhaps a little OTT. As with everything, dress codes depend upon the situation. If you are planning a trip to the opera, dress accordingly.

  • Smile. A nice smile with clean teeth and fresh breath is a winner.
  • Charm. A little courtesy goes a long way, so be a gentleman at all times.
  • Chat about your interests and hobbies, and maybe talk about some countries you have visited. A well-spoken, well-travelled, well-educated man will be attractive to the gorgeous girls of this beautiful land.

Where can I meet one of these stunning young women?

As mentioned above, in the winter there are not too many people strolling along the sidewalks. But summer is a totally different experience. You will be amazed at how many beautiful young ladies seem to be everywhere.

  • The larger cities, such as Prague, Brno, Olomoc and Plzen are full of street cafes, which are like magnets for attracting young people.
  • Again, these cities are pretty well stocked with night clubs, music bars, bistros and fast-food centres, all of which are great places to meet single women and girls.
  • The capital, Prague, has a beautiful river running through the centre of the city. A leisurely stroll along one of the many promenades will bring you into close proximity with endless numbers of sleek females.

Not too sure about Czech women? Maybe you should try other nice, kind, foreign women, for example from the Ukraine, Romania, Thailand, Belarus, Slovakia, Hungary or Russia. These women will also inspire you and help to make your life very enjoyable. Just check through our profiles and start chatting. It‘s easy!

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