Dating Danish women

Danish women

Dating Danish women is a little different to dating people from most other European countries.

The Danes like to stick together – Dane on Dane – perhaps more so than in other nations. And this means that they prefer to meet and talk with their friends and neighbours rather than with outsiders. It’s the Danish way and therefore it’s a tad difficult to wander up to a chic Danish girl, say ‘Hi,’ and ask her if she’d like something to drink. Not impossible – just difficult! For this reason it’s much easier to break into the Danish system of dating by using a dating site.

Danish females – girls and women – tend to be modest and shy, so nine times out of ten your best method of approach will be to become her friend, most likely through chatting or exchanging emails via a dating site. However, once you succeed in crossing this frontier of shyness, you’ll quickly discover that the inhabitants of this beautiful country are very up-to-date and have no hesitation when it comes to meeting folk from another culture. Although your customary way of introducing yourself may work fantastically in just about every situation, it may fall flat on its face here. So why not try following the simple steps listed below in order to achieve maximum success on the path to winning the heart of your Danish princess.

Dating Danish women:

Stuff to avoid:

  • Don’t rabbit on about the importance of your work or your job. While it’s true that most Danes are well-employed, they don’t go on about how wonderful it is. And while most Danish women seem to prefer a guy who has steady employment, they don’t want him to be so busy that he has no time for her, her family and her friends.
  • The same is true for money. It’s a no-no to discuss your income. This kind of conversation will not impress you prospective partner. It’s more than enough just to let her know that you have a steady job.
  • Don’t puff yourself up out of all proportion – even though you are the CEO of a worldwide organisation.
  • Bragging is not a good idea – here, there or anywhere!
  • Don’t concern yourself about trying to be ultra fashionable. Be yourself. Danish ladies like their men to be natural and unfussy – so relax and ditch the fashion magazine

Stuff you should always do:

  1. If you’ve arrived in the country due to a work schedule that’s in some way connected to promoting the Danes and the Danish way-of-life, brilliant! This is interesting stuff and should somehow be brought into your conversation. But remember point 1 above! Don’t waffle on for ages, a casual mention will be enough!
  2. Food, food, glorious food, always a great topic for discussion. The Danes love food, and high quality cuisine is a certain way to attract attention – especially if you are able to rustle up something tasty in the kitchen of your dream woman. So, if cooking is your forte, drop it into your conversation and success will be assured.
  3. The Danes love anyone who’s involved in the arts. If you have anything to do with the arty side of life, such as architecture or design, or something that’s connected to the social media, your date will be greatly intrigued. Again, remember not to become a bore – a speedy reference will be adequate. You can always return to the subject at a later date.
  4. Before visiting Denmark, use the internet to check out what the Danes like to wear. A good rule of thumb is to be casual and comfortable, but also smart. It’s not necessary to flaunt yourself around in an expensive suit and bright shiny black shoes, but by the same token it wouldn’t be sassy to turn up for a date looking like a hobo. Be sensible, be yourself, and wear something that you feel good in.
  5. It’s obviously always necessary to look like a gentleman – clean clothes, clean shoes, tidy hair and, most important, clean teeth. But don’t go mad with the aftershave! Women are generally mightily turned-off if they meet a man whose excessive use of sweet-smelling perfume out-powers their own delicate feminine aroma. If you must use scent – use it sparingly. Nuff said!

Excellent ideas to follow when dating Danish women:

Best places to meet young, single females, include coffee bars, book shops, CD and DVD shops, and some of the cosy little bistros that dot the larger cities. Be prepared to see groups of girls, from just a couple to a veritable gaggle of them, all chatting contentedly about their Danish lives.

First – get to meet her friends:

Starting a conversation or ‘breaking the ice’ with an outsider is a pretty difficult, well-nigh unknown thing for a Danish person to bother with. It’s likely that if you stroll up to a gorgeous Danish woman who’s sitting quietly at a bar, and try to introduce yourself, she’ll slide off the stool, disengage and slink out of the bar. It would be a much better idea to try introducing yourself to any other people, especially a group of people, who are in close proximity.

Join the group:

Get to talk with them and let them size you up. Who knows, it’s quite on the cards that they might know the attractive female or, better still, be on good terms or actual friends of hers? If this is the case – your path is open and you can make discreet enquiries. Keep it simple, don’t get carried away and leap into the fire. Remember that Danish people are quite shy, even the blokes. Suggested questions might include, ‘Excuse me for asking, but who’s the nice lady sitting all alone?’ or ‘Is that woman in the red dress a friend of yours?’ Easy does it, don’t upset the apple cart. One step at a time may well lead to where you want to be.

Start a conversation with the woman you want to meet:

If you are successful and the group of people start including you in their conversation, you’ll be better informed as to how to approach the woman in question. Smile and try to engage her line of vision. If she smiles in return, open a simple dialogue by asking her if it’d be okay for you to buy her a drink. Or, if there’s some appropriate music playing, ask her if she’d like to dance. Similarly, if there’s food available, offer to get her something to eat. Nice and easy does it, be charming, open and honest. Don’t expect to be dragged off to the bedroom – she’ll be shy and nervous and will need to get to know you before even beginning to trust you. It’s the way it is. It’s the Danish way.

Of course, there are many ways of getting to meet a lovely lady from this country, and perhaps one of the easiest methods is to join an international or interracial dating service, such as International Love and eHarmony, where you can meet single people from all parts of the world who are looking for someone like YOU. Having chosen your service, you should sign in and accept the Privacy Policy. You’ll then have to create your dating profile, which should include information about yourself and also give some idea of the sort of person you’re looking for. At any given moment there are literally thousands of people searching through these profiles, and it’s therefore very important for your profile to be created in such a way as to stand out from the rest and attract the attention of others. However, don’t write too much – no one wants to read an essay. A few lines should be enough, but make sure they are short and catchy, enough to tell the world who you are and what you want. You can also add a photo, or two. Again, these should be the genuine article, not a photo-shopped version of a super hero. Remember, on the day of the BIG MEET your prospective partner will expect to see the same person they fell in love with when they read your dating site profile.


Good reasons for visiting Denmark:

  • Beautiful women. Yes, the Danish girls are blonde, blue-eyed, tall and sexy. But, as mentioned above, they are also a little shy and hesitant, usually preferring to stick with their own close friends. However, if you take your time and follow the tips we’ve given you, you’ll have no problem in starting up a really worthwhile relationship with one of these Scandinavian goddesses.
  • Beautiful country. Located in northern Europe, Denmark is pretty flat and has no major hills or mountains, and is therefore a cyclist’s paradise. Actually consisting of more than 400 islands, most of which are connected by bridges, the nation’s capital, Copenhagen, is located on Zealand, the largest.
  • The world-famous Little Mermaid is located in Copenhagen, along with Tivoli Gardens and the Carlsberg Brewery. The harbour area, surrounded by pastel-coloured houses, is home to a flotilla of fishing boats. Cruises around the waterways are always interesting and a great way to see the city from a different perspective.
  • Remember Shakespeare? Hamlet’s castle at Helsingor, about 30 miles north of Copenhagen, is well worth a visit. The cliffs at Mons Klint on the island of Mon, just to the south of Zealand, are also very impressive.
  • Odense on the island of Fyn, and Alborg on the Jutland peninsula, are other interesting cities to visit and meet your Danish princess.
  • Denmark is widely considered to be one of the happiest countries on the planet, perhaps especially in the summertime, when the Danes love to be outdoors in the parks and on the beaches.
  • Everyone speaks English. Nearly everyone! An amazing 86% of the population is conversant in English, which means that once started, you’ll have no problem communicating with your beautiful Dane. Although very few Danish people attend church, the dominant religion is Christian – so no problems with weird customs and clothing.

A little Danish history:

  1. Inhabited for about 14,000 years, Denmark, along with the other Scandinavian countries, was home to the Vikings, who set out across the North Sea between the 8th and 10th centuries to conquer parts of England and France.
  2.  In 1949, after the end of World War 2, Denmark became a founding member of NATO, and in 1973 joined the European Union. As part of the Schengen group of European countries, Denmark has no formal barriers with its European neighbours. Lego, the children’s toy company famous for its brightly coloured plastic bricks, is based in Billund, on Jutland.
  3.  Although the country is run by a parliamentary system, Denmark is a sovereign state, presently ruled by Queen Margrethe II, who has been head of state since 1972.

Food and Famous Danes:

Being surrounded by sea, fish is one of the country’s staple diets. Meat, however, including beef, chicken and pork, is also very popular. In fact Denmark is Europe’s largest exporter of pork products. SmØrrebrØd, based on the Swedish open sandwich, is perhaps a traditional speciality, and the toppings vary between smoked salmon, roast beef and roast pork, all stacked high with tasty decorations made from boiled eggs, grated carrot, onion, beetroot, and many other delicious morsels.

We all know that Denmark was the world’s first country to legalise pornography, but the country is more famous because of some of its residents – old and new. In the second half of the 16th century, Tycho Brahe the astronomer, painstakingly measured the positions of stars. In the first half of the 20th century, Niels Bohr was instrumental in advancing the knowledge of nuclear physics. Well-known authors include Hans Christian Andersen – he of the children’s fairy tales – and Karen Blixen whose short stories are read worldwide.


In the world of films, most people have heard of Lars von Trier, whose work has impressed thousands of movie-goers and who was a co-creator of the Dogme method of shooting movies.

So - now you know everything you need to know about the country and its wonderful people, visit Denmark and have a great time.

Unsure about Danish women? Never mind, you can meet people from other cultures. For example, girls and women from Sweden, German, Finland, Norwegian or females from any of the countries of the Middle East.

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