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14. 5. 2017

Have you and your sweetheart been dating for a while, but now find yourselves slowly running out of inspiration about how to keep the relationship going? Sometimes it can happen that you don’t know where to turn or what to do. Because of too much work and all the associated stress, we sometimes lose sight of the direction in which we want our relationship to go. It’s quite normal. In recent times we have had to suffer more work-related stress than ever before, and this can easily make us become despondent and lose our ability to be positive and in a great mood. So perhaps you need a little inspiration on how to re-ignite those good times. This is why we have collected some of the most popular date ideas, which can help to bring that sparkle back into your life. Remember it’s important to be creative, to show your partner that you have a whole bundle of ideas about lots of things you can do to maintain the fun and excitement.

How do I decide which kind of date ideas I should choose?

It’s simple. When choosing an activity for your date, you need to think through any issues which might affect the outcome of the meeting.

  • You should choose an activity you both enjoy. When dating with someone in whom you have a serious interest, it’s a good idea to consider the lifestyle you share. Do you think you’ll be sitting side-by-side on a bench in many years’ time when you’re both at an advanced age? Most of us have been looking for a life-time partner, we don’t want to skip from one date to another. A good reason to check whether the activities enjoyed by your partner are also activities which you yourself enjoy. With similar lifestyles, most everything will be easier, now and in the future. It’ll also help you to organise really good, fun-filled dates, because your similarities will push you in the right direction. If you have a different opinion and don’t really get on with your sweetheart’s favourite activities, things are going to get awkward and it’ll be hard to enjoy spending time with him or her.
  • Consider the season and check the weather forecast? If it’s summertime and nice and warm, one of the best and most romantic pastimes is to go on a walk together – through a park or maybe stroll through the downtown area of the city. Should it be cold and rainy, think about all the great activities that take place indoors – bowling, wall-climbing, coffee or tea shop, or the cinema. Whatever the weather, there is a wealth of stuff you can do.
  • Check for any repetition of activity. Yep, it’s fantastic when you discover there’s something that you’re both really into, but when you follow the same kind of activity over and over, it could become boring quite quickly. So, to keep a hold on the way things are going, check the repetition rate and intersperse your favourite activity with other equally interesting things to do. It’ll help maintain your sweetheart’s attention and make it easier to plan the follow-up dates and move onward with your relationship.

Whether or not you are just stepping out in a new relationship or have already spent a while together, it’s important to be able to keep the freshness alive through great inspirations. Even people who have spent many years together need to bring a little sunshine into their lives. Repetitive daily or weekly activities quickly become monotonous and dreary, and can sometimes signal the end of a relationship. So, we all need to work hard on finding a constant flow of fresh ideas to keep the flame burning. And when you eventually find some inspiration for an awesome date, remember to keep it secret – don’t go splashing the information all over some social network, such as Twitter or Facebook. It’s quite possible that your sweetheart might happen to see you postings and the surprise will be gone.

This is why we have prepared some enjoyable, creative and serious ideas of what to do on your dates.


Date ideas

Romantic date ideas

When you’d like to spend a few, sweet romantic moments together, you can choose from many activities, such as a nice casual stroll in a park or through the city, a picnic on a blanket under a nice shady tree, reading poetry, rowing a boat on the river, visiting an observatory to gaze at the stars, learning one or more of the classic dance steps, or the favourite – a really nice candle-lit meal in a small romantic bistro or restaurant.

Fun date ideas

For those times when you’d like to have a lot of fun! How about visiting a funfair, playing crazy golf, visiting a zoo, watching a street-carnival, or visiting another city for the day? There’s always karaoke for great amusement, listening to one another trying to hit the right notes, or an evening at the cinema to watch a rom-com. Another great idea might be to invite some friends around and play some board games: nothing too serious! How about Monopoly or Scrabble, or Twister, or have lots of fun at charades or guessing the titles of a book, film, or song? Or perhaps something nice and creative, such as learning how to make ceramics or paint pictures, or how to take great photos? Try searching through the local paper to discover some community which might be active in organising events and adventurous excursions.

Sporting date ideas

Do you and your match love sports? So let’s play a game of golf, squash or tennis. Or how about skateboarding, in-line skating, skiing, or climbing a wall? If your partner enjoys running or cycling, organise a circuit or a bike-ride to some small local town or beauty spot in the countryside. It’s inexpensive, and it’s also healthy! Camping is also a great activity, especially in the summer, when you can lie under a canopy of stars. What could be more romantic? However, before you go ahead with any of these sporty themes, be sure to find out if your wonderful idea meets with approval. Remember, not everyone likes camping! 

Intellectual date ideas

Awesome perhaps for those of us who may be a little introvert. Again, try searching the local papers or websites to find a nice venue where you can learn amazing stuff. Perhaps a local library is holding a discussion on a subject close to your heart? Maybe there’s a gallery nearby, which is holding an exhibition of your favourite artist? Or how about a classical concert, or an evening of folk music? Lessons in cookery are all the rage at the moment. Imagine learning how to prepare that perfect meal for just the two of you. Fun and laughter for everyone, and also a chance to meet others who have the same interests.

Ideas for dates which include bringing the kids

Perhaps not everyone’s cup-of-tea, but having children is one of life’s most beautiful and amazing gifts. If you or your partner have young children, it’s a great idea for all of you to meet up in a place where the kids can also celebrate your happiness. A day of activity, for example in a playground, at a zoo, or on a beach, can be exhilarating for everyone and leave you all feeling absolutely great. And while the kids are running around having loads of fun, you can easily grab a few quiet moments for a talk and a cuddle with your sweetheart. The kids can come and join you from time to time, and when they get bored, they’ll go back to chasing one another in circles. This type of activity doesn’t have to cost a lot of money, maybe an ice cream or two, or perhaps a ride on the merry-go-round.

Dating at night

Are you missing those nice romantic moments? Dating at night is one of the best ways of getting them back! When you both have an opportunity to spend a night together, take the time to organise a romantic evening. Perhaps get the night off to a good start with a yum yum tasty meal in a cosy restaurant that perhaps includes music on its agenda – something laid back, sensual and relaxing, with candles and dim lighting. And after walking home beneath a sky full of stars, open a bottle of good wine, play a little inspirational music, and talk and caress until the early hours. Maybe it’s a simple idea, but, with a little imagination and creativity, it could turn out to be one of the most amazing times you spend together.

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