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22. 2. 2018

Every day sees many people in the world searching for their ‘big’ love. While some achieve this by meeting unknown people randomly on the streets or by leaving things to destiny, there are many who use the sophisticated method of online dating. Most of us are finally successful and discover their true love. For many, however, it’s a long journey, which could be shortened in order to reach a quicker result. While we are busily searching for our soulmate, many of us are also seeking advice on how to successfully get acquainted with someone we like the look of. How can I create a good impression that’ll get me noticed online? How do I attract an international partner? What’s the best way to successfully handle a first date? For this reason, we have decided to prepare our Dating guide, which will help you follow the road to love. In this section you will find hints and tips on how to successfully and efficiently introduce yourself, without making any mistakes. Even though international online dating can sometimes be quite confusing, don’t take too long to make a decision. If you wait too long, that lucky star might just disappear.

To be successful in international online dating and enjoy a nice serious relationship, you need to get the right advice from a real expert, from someone experienced in working with and relating to men and women from all over the world. Of course, you can get also lot of interesting tips from a friend who might already have a great relationship with someone from abroad, or who lives with an expat. Because sharing this information with you is important to us, we decided to compile our international Dating Advice guide, which contains advice on all the nationalities of the world, in the hope that it will help you organise your online dating and make the search much easier.

What's the best dating advice?

  1. Before you start dating online, searching for a nice relationship, it’s necessary that you know who you are and exactly what you want from life. If you want to find the right partner for life, whether male or female, it’s important to be sure about yourself and know what you’re aiming for. When you fully understand all that you are and all that you need, you can safely start the search for a partner because now you know the type of person you would like to have standing beside you throughout your life.
  2. Check the most important aspect that the person you’re looking for should have. Yeah, we know, it sounds like a cliche, but today’s online dating allows you to specify exactly what kind of man or woman you’d like to find. Decide what’s acceptable. With or without children? Divorced or never married? What age should he or she be? Do you favour any particular religion? Are you interested in a specific country? Are these questions important points for you, or is there something else you’d like to straighten out? There is? So, what’s your essential question? Maybe you are particular about body shape or personal character? Maybe he or she should be blonde or brunette? Slim, or perhaps a little curvy? And what about a passion for sport, healthy eating, or visiting museums and art galleries? Do you prefer the homely mother, or the executive business lady, strong, professional and successful? Yep – sometimes it's hard to specify the basic essentials!
  3. After checking these important issues, you’re next move is to sign on to some trusted dating website and start searching the world for another single just like you! Keep in mind the fact that other people are also looking for love, and most of them are probably using more than just one website. We know nobody wants to live alone, but before signing onto your chosen website be sure about your privacy policy and take time to create the best personal profile you can. For setting up a great dating profile, follow the Tips of our dating expert, whose free suggestions are brilliant for guys and girls alike.
  4. Your dating profile is important because it’s your advert to all the other members of the website. Remember that when you discover someone you’d like to converse with, they will be checking your profile to see what should of reply they should send you – positive or negative. So in order to be successful, be professional and take your time to create a really good profile, one that will guarantee positive replies. Your profile is the first information about you that anyone will get, information that will lead to their decision making. For this reason you should use only genuine, up-to-date photos, and don’t forget to check any photos of you that might be featured on other social channels or media, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or other sites or apps, such as Tinder and eHarmony. It’s most probable that the people who see your profile will also view other sites to check out your image, to see if the photos in your profile show the real you. Therefore, it’s a good idea to check any sites where there may be photos of yourself, and to ensure that they are genuine pictures of . . . YOU.
  5. When you want to change your status and stop being single, think about the type of information you want to include in your profile, and think about the way this should be communicated. Does your profile seem to promote a positive or negative mood? What kind of people do you want to attract? Naturally, most of us want to live with someone who is positive about life, and it’s important that your profile should reflect this desire. If you are not sure how to create a good quality advertisement, you can follow our online dating advice. Although this can take a day or so, it’ll help you attract people that you’d like to talk with and possibly meet at a later date. In order to be successful, write a few positive sentences about yourself. Don’t write too much – many people find long essays very boring! The best is about three or four lines of introduction containing information about yourself, the values you think are important, and where you see your life heading in the next few years. Humour is great and is usually better received than sarcasm.
  6. Quick response to emails is very important. If the sender has to wait more than one day for an answer, he or she might get to think that you have no serious interest in online dating. The best turnaround time is less than 24 hours. Be polite and answer everyone who contacts you, even if you have to give them a negative response. Prompt action does away with the hassle of waiting, and allows the person to start the next search.
  7. After you have made contact and have exchanged a few emails, you can offer to make a call so that you can speak to and hear your match. Don’t be shy, the other person is just like you, a human who will also have a load of topics and wonderful ideas to discuss. Sport, health, food, walks in the park, holidays, pets, books and music – all are great conversation openers. And of course you can also talk about the possibility of meeting, of going out on an actual date: when, where? There are many ways of communicating – Skype, for example, is very popular for online dating. Whichever method you use, be patient and be tolerant, especially if you are in contact with someone from another country; he or she might need a little time to perfect their English, or whichever language you choose for your daily communication.

There is advice for everyone in the online dating community. Most of the information we offer has been collected from other people especially for you, when you feel you need a little assistance. There are many topics which we have not included here, but which will be published at a later date.

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