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14. 5. 2017

Online dating is expanding day by day across the world! Every day more than four million new members sign into a trusted online dating site in the hope of finding true love, hoping to find that special person with whom we can look forward to sharing old age, when we can sit on a park bench and relive all those wonderful moments.
We all want to enter into a nice, kind relationship full of love, but how does one go about attracting the best kind of respondent? Perhaps the most important thing which will lead to success in finding that special person is your dating profile. It’s the first form of contact, and your pictures and information will guide your respondent’s decision as to whether they will contact you or not. So, before you advertise your online profile, think carefully about what kind of person you hope to meet. Useful tips, which will help you to attract a lovely person, are so important, especially when you are not an expert in this field. This is why we offer the most important free advice in order to help you find a nice girl or guy.

What to say in your dating profile:

  1. Describe the kind of person you are looking for – the profile of someone searching for a life partner with whom to establish a family will differ greatly to the profile of a person who’s just out to have fun. Before creating your profile, you need to know exactly what you want. Is it someone who loves going out night after night, or someone who enjoys staying at home in the evening? Would you like to meet a single person or a family person, someone who has children? Or maybe their way-of-life is important for you? For example, maybe you’d like to meet someone who loves sport, or perhaps ‘lazy days’ of food and wine are more your style? These factors and many others are vitally important and are the reason why you should start to think about yourself and your requirements. Your dating profile is not just about whether you’re interested in men or women!
  2. Keep to the truth. One of the most important Tips informs us that lies will eventually be discovered and you will end up being alone. While your profile should highlight your values, it should also reveal you as the person you are. It might be fun to create a profile that makes us appear better than we are, but remember that on the day you meet your prospective partner, the false statements will be discovered and everything you’d hoped for could be well and truly lost. If you are seriously interested in finding real love, stick to the truth. There is someone on the planet for everybody.
  3. Be certain the profile you create accurately describes yourself and also the type of person for whom you are searching. When you are certain about the kind of person you want to meet, it’s important to complete your profile with the correct information. Write about your values and hobbies and what you like, and why, in just a few sentences.
  4. Complete your profile with as much genuine information as possible. It’s this information that will help your prospective partner decide if they will contact you or not. When browsing other people’s profiles and finding very little information, what kind of reaction does this give you? Remember that people using online dating sites shuffle between and compare similar profiles.
  5. Use genuine pictures. Your profile photo should show your face, unobscured by sunglasses or extra-large hats or base-ball caps. Additional photos will help browsers make an informed opinion. Avoid animated pictures that use a caricature of yourself, likewise refrain from detailing sexy or political opinions. Remember, your photos should reveal your appearance as you are today. Photos of a youthful you or photos that have been photo-shopped, will lead to disappointment both for yourself and for the person you are in contact with, especially when you meet face-to-face; this is an important factor. Even though your written profile might be truly amazing, if you add poor-quality photos, no one will be attracted to you.
  6. Be positive in your approach – people want to date or be in contact with someone who is attractive, funny, smart and positive. Remember this when compiling your information: it’s not likely that anyone would be looking for a negative-minded person. This is key, so throw away any negative or sad emotions from previous bad experiences. Don’t dwell on past history. Live your life RIGHT NOW. History cannot be repeated – you can’t go back and relive it, and the future still hasn’t arrived. It’s only the present that’s happening right now. To be successful, you must learn to start with a clean page.

When creating your genuine online dating profile, remember that it's all about advertising - yourself and what it is you're looking for. It's important to include all the necessary information - colour of hair and eyes, height, weight and complexion, your own and that of the person you're looking for - so that you will be found. Other members are also searching through the profiles, and when you fail to give all your information, they’ll have little chance of finding you and sending you a message. Completing your information is vital and will help you attract other people and receive a message or friends request from your possible match. In order to be successful, you need to create an excellent dating advertisement.

Dating advertisement

When you want to advertise and appear more attractive to other members, you need to create an interesting advertisement containing stuff about you and the type of person you’re looking for. Sentences such as: "Hey HI, just write me," or "Anybody there?" don’t give any information about who or what you are looking for. Would this type of sentence attract you? The best thing is to write a short, positive and truthful advertisement, introducing yourself and describing the kind of person you would like to meet.

Tips for dating advertisement

  • Make it simple and easy for others to understand – it’s obviously important that all those people who are reading your profile comprehend what you are saying. In the digital world one can have lots of fun reading between the lines, but for your dating advert keep it simple.
  • Headline - to attract all potential partners you need to create a catchy headline, something that will encourage other members to contact you. For example, one can use inverted commas to highlight a statement, such as "Look at this!"
  • Your dating advert should be consistent with Privacy Policy
  • Content should be honest and outline your personality and life goals. If you are not sure about something, you can always ask your friends for an opinion. The text should include details about your character, hobbies, way-of-life, and, how you like to spend your free time. Again, be honest. Any lies could result in you and your prospective partner being badly hurt in the future.
  • If you have a chance to upload a photo of yourself, do so. Dating advertisements with profile photos are more attractive and will give you a greater chance of receiving a reply or a friends request.
  • Write about what kind of person you are looking for. Be honest, don’t lie. If you are looking for someone other than the kind of person you wrote about, you will certainly be disappointed at the outcome
  • Most successful dating adverts are short and contain just a few of the most important sentences. Keep other, less important topics and themes ready for when you start to communicate, they’ll be perfect for friendly messages and chat.


Dating profile

Most frequently asked questions about Online dating profiles:

  1. What is a dating profile? A dating profile is one’s own presentation about him- or herself, when looking for love and sharing nice times with someone else.
  2. Why is his or her profile still active? Some of us don’t worry too much about deleting it, even though most people leave the dating sites a few weeks after finding that special person.
  3. When to take your dating profile down? When you feel pretty certain that there’s a connection between you and your contact, but you’re not sure whether you want to delete your profile, you should place it into "sleep mode", if your current dating site allows.
  4. When to delete your dating profile? The best moment to delete your dating profile is when you feel you are in love with someone, and when that someone feels the same about you. i.e., when there is a match between both of you. This is the moment when it’s polite to cancel your advert as soon as possible. Think about how you would feel if you found your new partner’s advert still active one month after your relationship began? To delete your profile is to be fair, and is the best way in which to start a serious relationship. It’s a process that usually only needs one click of the mouse.
  5. What to write in your dating profile? Write the truth. There is someone for everyone, and when you write the truth you’ll have a greater chance of finding someone who will accept all your requirements.
  6. What is a good dating profile headline? This depends on the type of advert. In general, in order to bring about a successful reaction to your profile, write something along the lines of "Look at this!" it’ll give you a greater chance than writing, "Hi, I’m here." There is only one rule for Headlines - they should convey the meaning of the whole advert.
  7. What kind of profile picture should I use for my advert? Use the latest photo of yourself, one that gives an honest image of the real you. Some dating websites or apps. also use a video format for introducing yourself. So if you can, use bothDo I need some special guide to be an expert? No, you don’t. You need to remember just a few things. Be open, be honest, and listen to others. Our guide will help you with more information about topics, but at the end of the day, it’s up to you.

Online dating is foremost a game of numbers. It's something typical for internet and online dating. When you want to be successful, you need to focus your target and search carefully between many profiles - an hour is probably not long enough for this process. Don’t waste time waiting. Be active, and your lucky star will find you.
While searching, keep in mind that there are many others who are also searching. Every minute of every day, thousands of people are on the internet, reading profiles and dating advertisements. And of course, there are many dating websites or apps., such as eHarmony, Tinder, OkCupid, Twitter and Facebook.

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