First date ideas

16. 5. 2017

Have you been successful and found your ideal match? And, after several messages and positive feedback, do both of you feel that you have plenty in common and that maybe it's the right time to make the next step? If the answer is Yes, you don’t need to wait. Ask him or her to go out on a date and enjoy some quality time together, face-to-face. This first date is very important and you therefore have to make a good initial impression. Think carefully about this, because once you’ve met, you can’t rewind and go for ‘take two’. For this reason, we have prepared these notes to give you inspiration for your first meeting.
Your fist date is important and paves the way for all the continuing steps of consolidating and strengthening your new love. And it will be great, a fun experience which you and your partner will always remember in later years. And by the way, your new sweetheart will probably discuss in detail with her or his friends each precious moment of your date. Yep – so it’s obviously best that the feedback is positive and the friends get to hear about all the good things that happened. At a later date, you will probably get to meet some of these people who are ‘in’ on the experience, and if all went well they’ll be excited to meet this wonderful person.

A few ideas for you before the first date

Before you meet your new love, there are a few important considerations you should think about in order to be successful in winning the heart of your love.

  • Don’t overdo the first impressions – be careful about this, it’s a pretty important point. Both of you should feel comfortable, so for the perfect first date choose a mutually acceptable activity, something as simple as a cup of coffee and a croissant in your favourite café. Before deciding what to do, sound out your contact about her or his favourite activities and go along with their suggestions. Keep in mind that it’s not a good idea to come up with something out of the ordinary, something that your date may feel uncomfortable with. For example, keep within your partner’s social boundaries: an expensive dinner setting with too many knives, forks and spoons, can be mucho upsetting for someone who is used to the informality of a fast-food emporium. Be wise and recall the contents of all the emails and conversations that have brought you to this exciting moment. Think about all the stuff your contact told you and maybe you’ll remember something special about his or her favourite food. It’s a start!
  • Make sure you’re absolutely ready for your date – there’s nothing worse than going to meet someone for the first time when you’re not looking your utmost best. Think! Take a shower, clean your teeth, brush your hair, wear clean clothes and make sure you have some money in your pocket.
  • Don’t expect a fast-track to your new sweetheart’s bed! - when you are aiming for a good, stable, serious, long-term relationship, it’s important to take the time to get to know your match before making a move towards the bedroom. Enjoy several dates together before moving to the next step. So why is it better to delay the sex? Eh? You can have a fantastically enjoyable time leading up to the ‘great moment’. It’s like foreplay: the first time you hold hands, the first smiles and happy laughter, the first hug and the first tentative kiss – these are all exquisite moments to be savoured during the romance of becoming closer to that one special person. The slow build-up is vital to the ultimate strength of your relationship
  • Keep your date exciting, and avoid boring conversation - your date should be fantastically happy, something like a Red Letter Day. Having selected a nice activity, be sure to have an interesting topic to talk about. Sometimes it might seem as though there is nothing to talk about, and conversation starts flagging without energy. A typical example of the first meeting could be as follows:
    "What would you like to do?"
    "I don’t know. What would you like to do?"
    "Hmmmm, I don’t know either."
    This is a pointless conversation. If someone answers your question with uncertainty, it’s up to you to make a quick decision and lead the way. Be positive, polite and decisive, and make a suggestion based on what you already know about your contact. Coffee and a doughnut? A Chinese meal? Or a nice romantic candle-lit dinner in an Italian restaurant? Easy! Your date will be impressed at your initiative.
  • Be positive-minded - talk in a way that indicates a positive mood. For sure, no one wants to spend time with a negative person. And the same goes for good manners, be polite and avoid using bad words.


Firs date ideas

Where to go on the first date?

For most of us, our first date is something that we will remember with oodles of happiness in later life. It’s that wonderful breathtaking experience that occurs before one becomes two, before you become a couple. There are literally hundreds of romantic ideas for your first date, so go and enjoy the best of times. Before deciding what to do, however, think about your partner and make sure that he or she will be happy about your choice of activity and/or venue. Don’t forget that your chances for the next date will be greater if your match has a good time.

  • Before deciding on a location, ask your match if he/she has some special idea about where to go. If you think his/her idea is good, go along with it. Your partner will evidently feel comfortable in known surroundings, this will make it easier for you to get to know him or her.
  • For a date with your new love, choose a public place, especially when you still don’t know that much about one another. When everything goes according to plan, you’ll both have a great time! However, if things don’t go exactly right, you can both part with a polite ‘Good bye’.
  • Always try to keep your new sweetheart in his/her comfort zone. Don’t push him or her into doing something they don’t want to do. It’s not polite, and your new match probably won’t want to see you again. For example, if your date expresses a fear of high buildings, it’d be a good idea to stay on the ground floor. Be sensitive, and work the same way around any other fears or anxieties. Should something unexpected happen, stay cool and enquire whether your date would prefer to move to another place.
  • Discover any important information about the nationality your match comes from. When embarking on an international date with someone from another country or culture, be careful to avoid embarrassing situations which can sometimes occur due to cultural differences. Before meeting your date, check all available information about his/her nationality and habits. It can help to prevent an unexpected situation. A typical example of this could revolve around something as simple as food. Be aware that some cultures don’t eat meat, or some particular type of meat, while most Western cultures tend to eat almost anything and everything. With the possibility of there being big differences between your partner’s culture and that of your own, be up-to-date and aware of all the issues that could arise if you are out to win the heart of your prospective love.

When going on a first date with someone you like and want to impress, draw up a list of several possible activities. One option is not enough, it’s boring and won’t impress anyone. Try to come up with two or three ideas. The best is two or three. For example, you could suggest dinner, followed by a visit to the cinema, and later, if all goes well, you might find yourself inviting your date to a bar for a drink. Or, should your new match express an interest in sport, you could suggest a day out at some sporting activity which both of you would enjoy. How about a bike ride at the weekend, with lunch at some friendly country pub? Then there’s always culture and fine wine – an art exhibition or a walk downtown, ending up in the evening at a cosy wine bar. In order to create an awesome first date, be innovative and come up with one or two mixed activities that will be fun and amusing and impress your new companion. After a successful day or evening, suggest a romantic conclusion such as an evening walk under a sky full of stars. Okay, so it’s cold and raining. How about a glass of wine at your favourite bistro?

First date ideas:

  1. Coffee – probably the most popular activity for the get go. Sit, talk, and have a fun. You don’t actually have to drink coffee, the choice is up to you and your match whether it’s to be coffee, tea or water. Whatever, you can spend a happy hour or two chatting over a drink.
  2. Restaurant – whether it’s lunch or dinner is not important. A tasty meal will always make your match feel relaxed and in good humour. When he/she is in a comfortable state of mind, you’ll have a good chance of getting to the next date! The age-old saying, ‘the way to your lover’s heart is through the stomach’, is probably based on some sort of truth and something we can all learn from. So if you choose a good restaurant with a great view, you’ll be well on the way to your lover’s heart.
  3. Wine tasting - If you know that your match has a liking for wine, why not suggest a visit to a nice friendly wine bar. Maybe partake in a wine-tasting event and have fun and laughter over a glass or two of this seductive drink.
  4. A nice walk in fresh air - when the weather is nice, it’s a great opportunity to go out and walk while you talk. Even in the city, there are probably be lots of romantic places where you can stroll hand-in-hand: through narrow cobbled streets, along the banks of a river, through a park, or just a little casual window-shopping. And in the evening, when the streets become deserted, you can linger under street lamps and talk about anything and everything. What’s more, if either of you start to feel hungry, there’s always a small bar or bistro just round the corner to cater to your tastes. And if you’re not sure about how to start the conversation, a nice childhood story is a great way of breaking the ice.
  5. An event or outdoor concert - If you both like various events or concerts, this sort of activity can make for a great first date. Pick something you both are interested in, and have fun!
  6. A drink at a bar – if the two of you enjoy going out at night and taking in the city life, it’s a great first date idea to go for a drink. But remember to keep an eye on what’s happening – stay fresh, stay smart, and be responsible. It’s not a good idea to get drunk – your first date will probably be your last.
  7. Visit a museum or gallery – If your date is into the arty side of things, invite him or her to a museum or some interesting gallery. And then there’s always the theatre, the opera, and the small cinemas that screen arty foreign movies.
  8. A picnic in the park – again, if the weather’s nice, what could be more enjoyable than kicking off your shoes and sitting on a blanket in the park. Just add bread, cheese, some grapes and a bottle of wine.
  9. Cinema - does your sweetheart like movies? Yes, yes, we’ve mentioned this before – under museums and galleries! But if your partner is a fan of mainstream movies, you can share a tub of popcorn and get thrilled by the latest blockbuster. And afterwards? How about a nice romantic walk along the empty city streets, holding hands and planning the next date?
  10. Cooking lessons – a new, really popular kind of date. If your partner has a healthy appetite for good food, what better way of spending an evening together than learning how to create those mouth-watering dishes that look so good on the TV? And, yum, yum, you can taste all the stuff you cook together, and the stuff everyone else cooks, and it’ll be an evening you won’t forget. This could turn out to be the perfect first date!

There are many, many things to do on the first or second date, mainly depending on where you live, your habits and lifestyle, and those of your sweetheart. In order to have great ideas about what to do and where to go, listen to everything your partner tells you – and remember all his/her favourite activities, real and imagined. We hope these notes will help you in your preparations for your first date and that they’ll help you be successful in winning the heart of your newfound match.

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