How to make your dating profile

20. 5. 2016

One of the most important things which will govern your success in finding that special person, is your dating profile. It’s the first form of contact, and your pictures and information will guide your respondent’s decision as to whether they will contact you or not. So, before you create your online profile, think carefully about what kind of person you hope to meet.

Steps to make a perfect dating profile:

1. Know what kind of person you are looking for – the profile of someone searching for a life partner with whom to establish a family will differ greatly to the profile of a person who’s just out to have fun. Before you create your profile, you have to know exactly what you want.

2. Keep to the truth. Lies will eventually be discovered and you will remain alone. Your profile should reveal you as the person you are and highlight your values.

3. Be certain the profile you create accurately describes the type of person for whom you are searching. When you are sure about the kind of person you want to meet, you should complete your profile with the correct information.

4. Complete your profile with as much genuine information as possible. It’s this information that will help your prospective partner decide if they will contact you or not. When browsing other people’s profiles and finding they carry very little information, what kind of reaction do you think you would have? Remember that people using online dating sites shuffle between and compare similar profiles.

5. Use genuine pictures. Your profile photo should show your face, unobscured by sunglasses or extra-large caps. Additional photos will help others make an informed opinion. Avoid animated pictures that use a caricature of yourself and refrain from detailing sexy or political opinions. Remember, your photos should reveal your appearance as you are today. Photos of a youthful you or photos that have been photo-shopped, will lead to disappointment both for yourself and for the person you are in contact with, especially when you meet face-to-face.

6. Be positive in your approach – people want to date or be in contact with someone who is attractive, funny, smart and positive. Remember this when compiling your information: it’s inconceivable that anyone would be looking for a negative minded person. This is key, so throw all negative or sad emotions from previous bad experiences into the trash. Don’t dwell on past history. Live your life RIGHT NOW. History cannot be repeated – you can’t go back and relive it, and the future still hasn’t arrived. It’s only the present that’s happening right now. To be successful, you must learn to start with a clean page.

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