How to tell someone you like them

22. 6. 2016

Sometimes it happens that you like someone, but you’re not sure if he or she likes you. The simplest thing to do is be honest – tell her that you like her (or him). There’s no need to rush, but, if you think your date might like you, show that you also are interested – it can help move the situation forward. If the interest is mutual, the friendship will automatically advance to the next step. However, if you don’t make your interest clear, it’ll result in putting your contact off.

Here are a few tips on how to show someone you like them 

  • Ask them out – the oldest way how to show your interest. Remember, if you’re interested in a real relationship, this is the easiest way to arrange meeting face-to-face. Yes, of course you can find that perfect person via the internet, but to find out if there’s any chemistry, you have to meet in the real world.
  • Smile – Do you remember the last time someone smiled at you? And do you remember the warm feeling this gave you? When you want someone to know that you like them, give them a smile. One honest natural smile is much more effective than anything else.
  • Eye contact – When your eyes meet and the connection is held, it tells your date that you are interested. Of course, eye-to-eye contact has to be natural and not contain any aggressive meanings. After all, the best you can do is watch, listen and smile. And you should feel comfortable. If something inside you doesn’t tell you to smile or hold eye contact, then better not to do so.
  • Pay them a compliment – When you have occasion to say something pleasant, say it. Women especially like to hear someone say, “You have lovely hair” or “Your eyes are a very unusual colour” or “I really like your style”. Compliments given in return are also welcome!
  • Listen! – When you’re interested in someone, you should pay attention and listen to what he or she is talking about. Why? The reasons are simple and twofold: you’ll discover a theme for discussion . . . and, more importantly, you’ll be showing your date respect.
  • Reach out – You don’t actually need to physically touch someone, gentle eye contact and a smile are simple ideal ways to convey your interest. There’s no need to rush. If your date is also interested, you’ll receive a similar response.

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