Online dating scammers

19. 5. 2016

What is a scammer?

A dating site scammer is a person who uses some special method to trick or scam other members – usually for money. Once the scammer has all the necessary information, he’ll terminate the connection and start searching for some other member on whom to repeat the exercise.

If you are not sure, here are a few tips on how to recognise a scammer:

• Scammers usually ask you to send money and ask for your bank details.
• Scammers don’t want to meet with you face-to-face and are not interested in a genuine call.
• Scammers talk about you and ask for a lot of information while avoiding questions and revealing nothing about themselves.
• Scammers often send links to unsafe web pages.
• Scammers offer paid services.
• Scammers love to talk and use phrases such as: “I’d really love it, just now, if you could send me some money for my sick mother”, or “If you will send me the money for a ticket, my love, I will fly to you”, or “Give me your address/bank details and I will send you…”.

We know that life can sometimes be really cruel, so keep in mind the fact that there are many scammers on the internet. If you are not careful, they can cause you a lot of trouble in the future. Of course, with our monitoring, we do our best to keep all our international dating sites clear and safe. But it’s up to you how much and what kind of information you pass on to others, especially if someone starts enquiring about money.

These queries can take the form of:

• I need money for my sick parents, or children.
• I need money so that I can come to meet you.
• I need money so that I can return home safely.
• I have lots of money stuck in a bank account, which I’m unable to access until I get to your city/country.
• My boss hasn’t paid my salary.

Yes, sometimes conversations such as these can be genuine calls for help, but keep in mind that internet scammers are able not only to make a living off your money but they may also be in contact with many other people’s profiles to source the money they need. Remember, if you want to meet with someone, you can always buy a flight ticket for him or her and can therefore resolve the situation without the transfer of cash. If you have reservations about someone and believe them to be a scammer, please inform us at our email [email protected].

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