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2. 6. 2016

How do I create a perfect online dating profile? It’s simple and easy. When you want to format a perfect profile that will increase the number of visitors to your page, check the type of photos you include in your online dating profile. We know the information in your profile is important, but the first thing anyone sees is your picture! Remember - first impressions are seldom changed. Here are a few tips on how to use photos to increase interest in your page.

The most important tips for having nice profile photo

  • Use good quality photos – All photos should be clean and focused and of high resolution.
  • Avoid wearing sunglasses or oversize caps! Think about it – would you write to someone when you have no idea how he or she looks?
  • Ideally, you should smile. It’s not necessary to have an “All American Glossy” smile, but your own natural smile would benefit any photo.
  • Use genuine photos - When you attach photos to your profile, take care to make sure they are genuine – usually taken within the last year. Imagine how you would feel if you came to date a person who was obviously a good 10 years older than portrayed in the photos on their profile?
  • Again, be genuine – Use your own genuine photos. Yes, we all know that photoshop can produce some magical results, but is it really fair to use pictures that have been subjected to “hard” manipulation? Each of us has our own special inbuilt beauty, so there’s no reason to monkey with the photos. When you’re serious about looking for someone to date, isn’t it better to be open and honest from the start? One day your date will see you for real, and this is an important fact that you should keep in mind.
  • Your main profile photos should feature you, and only you. It doesn’t look too serious if your pictures show you hugging someone, especially if it happens to be a person of the opposite sex!
  • If you use make-up, use your normal everyday make-up. If in your photos you are wearing some special make-up, the person with whom you eventually date will be well and truly confused at the difference when they meet the real you.
  • Wear sensible clothing – When looking for a serious date, make sure your profile photos show you wearing smart, but normal clothes. Avoid using photos that depict you in underwear or sexy apparel – be sensible and realise that serious people would surely lose interest if they were to see you almost naked on your profile page.

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