Stay in touch with your international love

20. 6. 2016

So, you have found your international love and he or she shows reciprocal interest. You should obviously stay in contact and start constructing a heart-felt connection with this person. But how to stay in contact and keep the conversation going? No need to be afraid – it’s easy.

Advice which can help you stay in contact with your match:

  • Send a contact request (Maybe you have already done so. But, if not, send it now!).
  • Add your favourite profiles to your contact list.
  • Send a message – First messages should be general and always polite.
  • If you don’t receive a reply, try again after a few days with another message.
  • When in contact via messages or chat, keep the conversation alive by asking interesting questions.
  • Respond to your match – Responding will help to keep the conversation going because you’ll have some idea what to write about.
  • If everything is going well, try suggesting a phone call – it’s always great to hear the voice of your international match.
  • During a live call, don’t forget to mention your happiness at hearing your contact’s voice.
  • When talking together, remember to make an occasional compliment. But don’t make too many, it would be counterproductive. Of course, when someone responds by telling you something nice, you also will feel good. Naturally, it helps if there’s some reason behind your complimenting someone – there’s no future in making false assumptions or lying. But, if you feel there’s a positive atmosphere in the conversation, don’t be afraid to mention it.
  • If you have no idea what to talk about, you can always ask a question and thus keep the other person talking about an issue.
  • If you feel there’s no issue that requires discussion, end the call but don’t forget to ask about the next call or chat, or even the possibility of arranging a meeting.

Keep in mind that the person with whom you are in contact could be nervous about the first call or the first conversation. So, give the person time. There’s no reason to hurry, try to understand that some people need more time than others. People can quickly lose interest if you hurry them or bombard them with too much information. So, in every situation, keeping cool is much better than being in hurry. Running before you can walk can cost you a lot!


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