The worst mistakes to make in your profile

16. 6. 2016

When creating your online profile, avoid the kind of mistakes which will generate no interest and result in no response. If you think you have minimal reaction to your dating advert, check that there are no mistakes in your profile.

Most frequent mistakes people tend to make

  1. Don’t lie – Use honest and genuine information. If your profile makes you out to be better than you really are, the person you eventually contact will discover the truth and will most likely sever the connection.
  2. Write your profile without grammatical mistakes – Always carefully check everything you write and verify the information you have given. It won’t take long and will give you the opportunity to make any necessary corrections. Again, think! Would you respond to your advert? Think! What would be your opinion about this person? Does your advert give the impression that you don’t know how to write? Were you too busy or too lazy to read it through and make corrections? Does my profile or my advert look serious
  3. Include only important information – No one will read long sentences that have no meaning. Keep in mind the proverb: less is more.
  4. Don’t compare yourself with others – Remember, the Sun is the Sun and the Moon was, is and will always be . . . the Moon. We don’t make a comparison between them. There’s no need. And the same is true with us. Don’t be afraid to say, ‘’I am what I am!’’ Most people are looking for honesty and don’t need to compare between others. Remember – you are who you are and people will be interested in the real you and your genuine experiences.
  5. Humour – Prospective new contacts will be attracted to your profile if some of your information includes a touch of humour. People displaying humour are usually more popular than those without, so think about this if you want to generate positive reaction to your online dating profile or online dating advert. However, don’t overdo it by putting jokes everywhere, it’s enough to give just a taste.
  6. Keep calm – Everything takes time, nothing happens immediately. When you’ve posted your profile, stay calm and wait patiently for the first replies. When you don’t receive hundreds of contacts within one hour, don’t become agitated or start to think that maybe your profile is wrong. Remember – not all of us sit in front of our screens 24/7!
  7. Profile pictures – Your photos are one of the most important aspects of your online dating profile. They are the first image that people will see and will help them decide whether they are interested to read more information about you. Here are a few tips which can help you. (Your profile should feature genuine photos of you, pics. should be up-to-date, take care only to use photos that are sharp and clear, the best photos are those which portray the real you, perhaps with a natural smile, avoid photos that might indicate your political or religious opinions, do not include vulgar or sexy pics., or any that incorporate nudity, avoid pics of you in a wedding dress or pics that show you with an ex-partner.
  8. Be yourself – If you’re a lion, you cannot also be a sheep. Even if you hide beneath a sheep’s coat, you will still be a lion wearing a sheep’s clothing. Think about this! When you have some experience of life and think you know everything, even if you’re a king, not everyone is going to agree with you or necessarily share your opinions. The situation is the same with online dating. When you are experienced and know what you want, you still need to accept that it can take a while to find that compatible special person. If you always compare yourself to others, nothing will be forthcoming and your prospective partner will lose interest.
  9. Quality – If you want to attract serious replies to your dating profile or dating advert, you have to be certain that your profile is of a high standard. It should contain as much relevant detail as possible, and you should read it through carefully to check for errors.

We hope these article help you avoid of the worst mistakes. For more informations you can read another tips from our blog.

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