Dating Estonian women

Estonian women

Bordered on the west by the Baltic Sea, The Republic of Estonia, whose capital Tallinn is situated on the north coast, is the northernmost and the smallest of the Baltic countries. Finland lies to the north, across the Gulf of Finland, and the south of the Republic borders Latvia. The eastern border, most of which runs through Lake Chudskoye, is shared with Russia.
Estonians account for 70% of the population, though the Estonian language is spoken by about 85% of the total population, while a small percentage uses the Ural language which is similar to Finnish. Although the Soviet occupation of the country ended in 1989, there is still a Russian minority living in the Republic.

Estonian women are beautiful, smart and well-educated. They are also open to online dating, and most are looking for a long-term relationship – a good reason for dating a woman from this country. Their beauty and smart attitude make them very attractive to for foreign men.

How does one describe a typical Estonian women?

While some people may think Estonian women are cold, because they come from the North, it‘s far from the truth. The typical Estonian woman has a warm heart and a friendly, polite attitude to everyone around her. Instead of arguing non-stop about trivial matters, she will be more interested in communication and finding a genuine solution to whatever problems might arise. These are just some of the many reasons why Estonian women are so popular throughout the world and why they are so often searched for via the internet. Connecting to an Estonian lady through the internet is easy - they love to chat and have video calls online.

Whilst smart behaviour and intelligence are perhaps their main attractions, their high standard of living and the fact that they take excellent care of themselves are also very important. The Russian way of life is highly prevalent in Estonia, and means the women are pretty similar in appearance and will almost never be seen looking dowdy - just the opposite! Naturally beautiful, they have a flair for using the minimum of makeup and knowing exactly which clothes to wear. Estonian girls are very friendly and love to go out to night clubs and ‘hook up‘, never passing up the chance to talk with a potential mate. However, despite their readiness to party and have fun, their number one priority will always be the family.

When in a relationship, an Estonian woman will always do her best to enjoy to the max the good times spent with her chosen partner. And while for most Estonians marriage is the ’norm‘, for some of them it isn‘t necessary, although there must always be a strong connection between the Estonian woman and her man. If she has a family it will always come first - she will be an excellent mother and will love to take care of all the family members, including her chosen partner.

Are there any Estonian customs?

  • Women from Estonia are not religious so you won’t be expected to attend church on Sundays, unlike her grandparents’ or great-grandparents’ generations.
  • Sweetly feminine, Estonian women have no formal or informal restrictions on marriage.
  • Typically, women from Estonia like to have a family that includes a husband and, on average, one or two children. It is not unusual for an elderly parent to live with the family. Both parents are likely to work, but the woman is responsible for household chores. Whether living in the household or separately, grandparents often help with child care.
  • Being up-to-date and open to new technology, specially on the internet, they like to spend a lot of time online. Therefore, when you decide to meet an Estonian lady, you won’t have to travel great distances as online communication won‘t present a problem for her. And when these online connections transcend into a nice relationship, it‘s a good idea to meet face-to-face in her home country so as to know her better and build a strong mental connection.
  • Because they are serious about finding Mr Right, these beautiful Estonian angels don‘t have any problem when it comes to travelling around the world, even when the journey might be long and arduous. The ability to travel is a different point of view, one which came into being with the new young generation.
  • When in love with her chosen man, the Estonian woman sometimes likes to affectionately alter his name. For example, should your name be Markus, she might call you 'Marx'.
  • Estonian women value traditions. Handicrafts and cooking skills are passed down from one generation to the next, therefore an Estonian woman who can't cook is usually unheard of! In fall and winter, soups and stews predominate, and potatoes form a staple at most meals. In spring and summer, fresh tomatoes and cucumbers accompany every meal. Many people grow fruit, vegetables, and berries during the summer and can what remains in the fall. Family dinners are infrequent, as both parents usually work, although most families try to share one meal together at the weekend.
  • The beautiful Estonian girls are pretty fast walkers - you could be in for a big surprise! Healthy food, healthy lifestyle and walking helps to keep their bodies slim and their skin clear.
  • Estonian ladies are slim but strong: they don‘t have any problem when having to carry armloads of stuff.
  • Women from Estonia love to study, and most are well educated.

How to date an Estonian woman?

Basically, when men are searching for a girl to date, he searches the capital cities. In the case of Estonia, other areas should also be checked, for example, Narva, Baltic, and Lithuania, because in all these areas one can find really pretty and well educated women. If you want to date with a local Estonian girl, you should:

  1. Prepare a good dating profile, which should include two or three tasteful photographs of yourself. Think about what you are wearing. You can upload a photo with a shirt and tie, or the usual jeans and T.shirt. The choice is yours, and depends on what kind of lady you are looking for.
  2. Your smile should be real – not a pasted-on, photo-shopped variation of an advert for toothpaste. You may not be a Clooney look-alike, but this is not important. The thing that matters most is your attitude and your ability to be genuine.
  3. Write about yourself, your job, your home and your interests, and be honest. Girls from Estonia expect the information they get from your dating profile to be correct.
  4. While none of us can expect to be 100% cheerful at all times, it is essential to maintain a positive nature and be truthful at all stages of your dating adventures.
  5. When you have established a nice mental connection, you can then ask for a date and go out and win her heart, face-to-face.

Do Estonian women make good wives?

When an Estonian women relocates because of her relationship, she might quickly go out to study because she hates to be bored and stuck at home between four walls. She will be quick to find new friends and meet new people. She will always stay a little nationalistic, but she won’t need to follow any special religion. Not deppend where does she currently live. Her primary object is to live happily with her chosen partner. While Estonians are quite social, they don‘t need to talk too much - they are absolutely okay with maintaining a healthy silence.

If you are not too sure about ladies from Estonia, you can also try to find your match in other Slavic countries, such as Russia, the Ukraine, Slovakia, DenmarkCzech RepublicPolish countryor Latvia.

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