French women

French women

Ooh la la, bonjour a les femmes Francais.

Cool, elegant and beautiful, French women are refined in every way, every day. From fashion to fiesta, from cuisine to conversation, from love to leisure, they are superb at everything they do. As with most Europeans, French women tend to have a good job and will therefore expect to have an equal partnership in any relationship. From decision making to the day-to-day running of a household, she could be the perfect partner for any serious-minded person. So which man wouldn’t want to date women of this beautiful country. However French women are also known to be rather different from other ‘western’ women. What dominates the popular male imagination about French women is the sense of sophistication they exude. Whatever their habits and actions, it is all executed in a classy and utterly feminine manner. Also French middle-class and career women sip and never drink. You will never see a French woman drunk and throwing up on the rear alley of a bar.

It is not for nothing that Paris is known as the fashion capital of the world. You only have to take one look at the women dressed in elegant and attractive clothes walking down the Champs Elysees to understand why the French are considered to be trendsetters in fashion and style. But the real secret behind their classy looks is that they always know what works for them individually. French women dress beautifully but they are never fashion victims. When dressing, they have a devastating ability to make accessories count. They don't spend much on make-up but they will spend vast amounts on skin-care with the result that whatever they turn out in, looks perfect on their bodies.

French woman love eating heatly food which you can find for example at Paris on every corner. People from this country dont wasting by food too much. They eat just what they need and thats all. Because of this, french dont need to have a diets or weight loss because they are fat. The fact they eat normaly create a typical healtly lifestyle they have. Equally at home when they cooking food in the kitchen or planning a picnic and enjoy the time when they eat together with other peole in the countryside, your French partner will be accomplished in all aspects of maintaining a great relationship. And, being well educated, she will happily converse on any subject and won’t be shy about stressing a point or proposing some additional feature to highlight or strengthen the bond between you.

However despite their air of feminity and beauty, don’t make the mistake of assuming that French women are just pretty faces and no more. In fact the French are some of the most politically aware people in the western world. Politics is an important topic of discussion in France and the women too hold definite views on various policies and happenings not only in their country but in the larger international context. French women like their male counterparts love an animated conversation and can carry on heated discussion for quite some time.

Apart from being politically aware, the French are extremely proud of their culture. Indeed at times they are even accused of being cultural snobs but all this is really a manifestation of their sincere attempts to keep French arts and language alive, especially in the face of increasing globalization and American influence on popular culture. In fact France is one of rare countries of the world which still has a national institution – L’Académie Française – to formally regulate the French language. So if you are looking to catch the attention of a French lady, try to speak a bit of the language. If you have not learnt it properly before, your accent will probably be terrible – but it will surely pique your girl’s interest and she may even love you for it.

Dating French women

How to date a french women?

The French are quite independent in nature add to this the long history of feminist theories and you will find that French women have a mind of their own and have no trouble in expressing it. So if you are dating a French girl:

  • Make sure you give her ample breathing space.
  • Give her love and support in the relationship but at the same time don’t sulk when she leaves to meet her friends or pursue her interests without you.
  • Ask questions when in doubt instead of acting in a jealous and insecure way. This is because one of the first things that put off French women, are weak emotionally insecure men who cannot match up to their confidence and self-assurance.
  • Give her a feeling she is your partner
  • Include her into your life
  • Take her out. Every day the lifestyle of french girls is about work, healthy food and having a great time. Local, french people enjoy the eating every day. But they take care about it so dont get fat latter and dont need to have a diet.

The French culture is quite liberated sexually and this makes women here some of the most amazing lovers. This is not to say that you can hop into bed with them any time you like; rather you need to seduce them and the more ingenious the way, the better.

Dating rules are highly influenced by the culture and habits of a country and its people.

What is true though is that most, french like lingerie, style and proper manners. We like romance too (no wonder it’s a French Word!). We say what we think and won’t hesitate to complain to state our disappointment.

French females are not as direct as american women especially women of New York, when it comes to the dating chase. They don’t put themselves out there. They generally wait to be wooed and courted.

Here are a few things you should do when dating a French girl (You can aply these rules also for Germany)

  1. If you go for a dinner date, you should order a nice restaurant. Ask her for a place she likes, if you don’t know where to go.
  2. Wear a proper attire. No broken sneakers, tweed or hoodies, please. Fitted clothes, dress shoes will work fine. You can have a casual fashion style but not look like a boy as french female love men not boys even if you are from America.
  3. Put on a nice perfume
  4. If you chose another kind of date, make sure it’s cosy and not too loud.
  5. Compliment her on her outfit or her look
  6. Be groomed (shaved, nice hair cut)
  7. Pay for dinner or the date
  8. Be patient. You might get a kiss after couple dates
  9. Go with the flow. They are no set rules for when to kiss or sleep
  10. Learn a few words in French and diffuse them during the date. It will make her smile…
  11. Multiple dating doesn’t exist in France. (Or it’s called cheating!). Plus, technically French women don’t date… At least not the American way.
  12. Basically, once you kiss a lady…. You’re exclusive, boyfriend-girlfriend. Chocking?! Well, that’s the one typical point. In France, the boyfriend-girlfriend thing is not as big of a deal as for american. Well, Ok, the only time it can be admitted is in parties, clubs or bars after being wasted by a few drinks.

Finally french culture is friendly, sometimes might can happen they will not understand the english language, but doesnt mean they are not friendly. You just need to find the right person for conversation. Currently there are so many cultures at France. Some of them black, some of them white or mixed. This is the reason, why they are open and multicultural. So if you have a email adress of the girl you want to win her heart, just write her, no reason to be affraid.

Unsure about French women? Never mind, you can meet people from other cultures. For example, girls from Italia or Spain and females from any of the countries across the Europe.

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