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Welcome to International Love. Below you will find the General Terms and Conditions governing the use of and all its sub-domains within the area of ("international love website (s)"). When using the International Love site, please keep in mind that International Love is the original on-line community and all the information that you provide about yourself can be accessed and viewed by others. Data referring to International Love are public, and may be accessed by other users. By registering to use the site International Love, you formally agree to the General Terms & Conditions.


The website International Love is intended for private use only. The website International Love is not open to business related organisations, multi-level marketing, or any form of business enterprise. Business co-operation with International Love is possible only after successful application via official channels. Such co-operation shall be governed by the conditions set out by a contract between both parties. Full and valid General Terms & Conditions can be accessed on every page of International Love under the section "Terms and Conditions".


1. Range


The provisions of these General Terms & Conditions (GTC) govern the entire legal relationship between a valid registered user (hereinafter "User") and International Love. These provisions, as offered by International Love, are valid for all services provided to members of International Love.


The user utilises the services of the company International Love, having a business address in Prague, Czech Republic. When interacting with others, the user is obliged to follow the GTC of International Love. Under this contract, the user has no rights to claim against any other user without the prior consent of International Love. The user also has no rights to claim against another user, should the other user decide not to share his or her information.


International Love reserves the right to change the General Terms and Conditions at any time , provided these changes are acceptable to the user. In the event of changes to these General Terms and Conditions, International Love is obliged to properly notify all users affected by such changes via email or via a prominent news portal posted on International Love. Such changes will enter into force 48 hours after publication. The user has the right to express disagreement and may freely decide if he/she wishes to retain further membership of International Love.




International Love provides the user with an Internet platform (portal), with technical applications that allow users to contact and share information with other users. This service is available through the website international love. The application also allows the user to upload and download the information thus obtained, information which may be accessed by International Love, the user, and all other users.


International Love is directly responsible only for organised events or activities. International Love is not responsible for any actions and activities that users agree amongst themselves. Such actions are taken at the sole risk of the individuals concerned and do not impose any conditions or obligations upon International Love.

Such principles are also applicable to all agreements between the user and a third party service provider. Such services may only be provided by a third party company having a valid commercial agreement, and which provides its services on the basis of clearly defined conditions laid down within the commercial agreement with International Love. International Love does not accept any responsibility for the actions of third parties. If International Love receives a disproportionate number of negative reactions regarding the conduct of a third party, with whom international love properly convened a commercial treaty, international love will be obliged to terminate such service supplier collaboration.

2.3. Membership

Users who wish to utilise the services provided on the website International Love, have the opportunity to take out a free membership ("free" version) with limited functions, or may choose a paid membership ("GOLD" tariff), allowing a full range of functions and options within the user account. International Love reserves the right to upgrade, free of charge and at any time, a Basic Membership to a "temporary" GOLD Membership during a transitional period or for general publicity purposes. Conditions of such updates may be decided spontaneously at the sole discretion of International Love. Prior to any such transitional period, International Love shall notify the user in writing (via email or via a warning message on the front page) so as to give the user adequate time in which to decide what kind of membership he/she wants.


Services provided by international love include a variety of activities whose goal is to create the grouping of a certain amount of people so that they may make contact in a personal way (Personal meetings). The user acknowledges the fact that these groupings organised by International Love are compiled on the basis of information provided by other individual users. Each individual user is free to decide whether he/she wants to join the group or not. International Love takes no responsibility for the participation of the user, or any other users, within that group.


International Love reserves the right to change or replace any or all services that may be on offer at the time of registration. Notification of any such changes or amendments must be made by International Love prior to the application of such changes or amendments. Notification shall be made either via email or through a News/Admin message pinned to the International Love profile wall.


The user understands that it is technically impossible to provide or ensure 100 % availability of the International Love website. International Love will endeavor to keep the website available and free from any unexpected interruption. Any planned downtime (due to planned outages, maintenance or maintenance portal) shall be notified on the website International Love – section: News/Admin Messages. Users must also be informed via email so as to give warning of such outages, etc. In case of emergencies (telecommunication network interruptions, power outages, and other unexpected events), International Love shall provide alternative resources so as to ensure a continued operation of the Web page. The user fully accepts the possibility of any such unexpected periods of temporary outages associated with service complications outside the remit of International Love.




To use the services provided by International Love, the user must be registered either in a basic membership or in the full GOLD membership, which includes all functions of the International Love services. Such registration occurs when the user first logs onto Exceptionals. By completing the registration form, the user confirms that he/she agrees with and accepts the General Terms and Conditions and activates his/her membership and a personal account.


The user agrees and guarantees that all information submitted to International Love is true and complete. The user is obliged to publish genuine information (excepting pseudonyms or nicknames) on his/her personal account, which also must not contain vulgar names or sexual overtones. The user must ensure that all details regarding contact (email addresses in particular) are true, and confirm that he/she may be contacted at any time.


Where appropriate, International Love reserves the right to refuse registration of any user account deemed unsuitable. Should such an account already be registered with international love, it will be deleted. The user will be notified of any such action.



The site, International Love, is intended for ADULTS only. By registering with International Love, the user declares that he/she is over 18 years old. The user may have only one user account.


At the time of registration, each user creates his/her own password and user name that is then logged into the system via the user account. The user is obliged to keep his/her password confidential and to protect it from possible abuse. The user agrees to immediately notify International Love regarding any unauthorised use of his/her user account, including theft of the password. Notification should be made by contacting the relevant staff at the "Contacts" section. International Love bears no responsibility when user password theft or misuse of the user account is caused by the user him/her self.


If there are any contradictions within these sections between International Love and a user, International Love reserves the right to terminate the user contract with immediate effect, block the user profile and, in the case of uncorrected violations, reserves the right to delete such user‘s profile completely.


4. Prices and terms of payment


International Love prices are published on the International Love website: section: ‘‘prices‘‘, and are binding. Monthly membership fees remain at the same level as the initial payment made when setting up the user account. Additional activities, such as Events, Meetings, and other offers presented on the wall, will incur additional expenses. Any alterations regarding price changes will be notified to members of International Love via the News/Admin Message pinned to the International Love profile wall. Members will be notified of all payments made to International Love, and verification can be viewed at Account Settings/Payment History pinned to the International Love profile wall. Payment is debited to the International Love account. The user is aware of this fact and agrees to provide all information necessary for the proper processing of payment. Such payment will be made by transfer, using the PayPal or payment module.


The user must ensure there are sufficient funds in his/her account to allow the collection of regular fees. Any potential additional costs (eg., bank fees, etc.) associated with the collection of regular fees, are to be borne by the user.


International Love reserves the right to change the membership fees and services. Any such changes shall take legal effect one calendar month after their regular publication on International Love. Such changes will be announced by International Love in the News section/Admin messages, or via email. In case of disagreement, the user may cancel his/her contract within two weeks after the receipt of such information.


The User agrees to receive an invoice online. The user can view all invoices in the user account.


5. User obligations


The user is obliged to provide only genuine, accurate and current personal, social and professional information. Furthermore, the user understands that any photographs published on his/her profile will be visible to other users, and that the photographs should therefore portray a recognisable image of the user.

The user may use a nickname or pseudonym. The user should avoid the use of vulgar names or vulgar or otherwise derogatory information which might be offensive to other users.


The user undertakes to communicate with other members in such a way that his/her behaviour does not disrupt the community and its individual members. The user also undertakes not to send messages with content that violates any law or the General Terms and Conditions of international love.

Included amongst such provisions:


Content that violates the rights of third parties – such as copyrights and commercial or intellectual property, trademarks, patents and any other rights such as names and personal rights.


Content that is libellous or defamatory, regardless of whether it concerns International Love, International Love staff or community, or its users.


Content and activities in violation of criminal law, enforcement of unconstitutional organisations or displaying the insignia of such organisations. Content glorifying violence, sexism, pornography or racism. Narcotics trafficking, encouraging or trivialising the consumption of narcotics. It is entirely prohibited to encourage others to criminal activities, to insult or slander other users.


Content that supports the development of business practices that are considered unfair. Such contents mainly include customer acquisition procedures for multilevel marketing, pyramid schemes or chain systems sales. In addition, these contents include sending chain messages, harassing other users, spamming and building multi-level marketing or multi-level marketing networks. On disclosure of such practices, International Love reserves the right to recover any and all damages.


Content that contains information that the user does not have the right to publish. Furthermore, content that includes any contractual or fiduciary relationships. (eg., proprietary or other confidential information).


Content that includes corporate logos. This applies to all users, not only to the employees of any particular organisation specified by the logo. Use of such logos must not contravene the marketing intentions of the company or organisation that owns such logo. Any such use will not be permitted by international love, who will therefore not accept any legal responsibility.


Content that is intended to disrupt, destroy, limit International Love and its community or interfere with the functions of International Love computer software, hardware or telecommunications equipment, especially via the use of different scripts, spiders, spam, viruses, hacking, etc.



When using the services of International Love, the user must ensure compliance with the rules regarding individual actions and events and follow any and all instructions related to such actions and events as supplied by International Love.


The user must obey the principles and rules for use of all services provided by International Love, and must not disrupt or interfere with the operational functions, servers, and infrastructure of the site International Love.


6. The granting of rights of use


The Agreement grants International Love the right to:


Use any and all saved content (especially images, videos , texts, etc. ), recorded during the period of the user’s membership with International Love. Any such rights cease with the cessation of membership.

b )

Reproduce, distribute, and transmit all recorded content on any website or any other service platforms operated by International Love (especially television, advertising, print media, radio, internet, mobile internet).

c )

Process a user-friendly content in a format that can be used for research and development by International Love. International Love is also granted the right to process visual appearance (font, layout, scaling, etc.). International Love has the right to combine the contents or part of the contents submitted by users or by third parties. International Love also has the right to add links to any content

d )

Amend, block or temporarily suspend a user's access until the user decides to delete inappropriate content. In this case the user is not compensated for any membership fees already paid.


In light of all the above described content, the user hereby waives all moral performance rights, if it is legally possible, in particular through changes made to the content of International Love or any third parties.


The user hereby declares that with regard to the entire contents submitted by the user, he/she is the owner of the intellectual property and is authorised to use it. Also, the user declares that any content submitted  by him or her does not interfere with the property rights of any third parties.


The user hereby acknowledges the rights of International Love to publish any photographs or film footage shot by International Love, especially at events, websites, or other activities. If a user wishes to deny this right to International Love, he/she must clearly express this wish to the photographer or cameraman present at the event or activity. If the user wishes to remove already published material from the website, he/she should write, via email, to the appropriate department at International Love.


7.  Responsibilities for the user and/or any third parties regarding the content of any and all uploaded material (profiles, photographs, etc.).


International Love is not responsible for any content provided or made available by any user. In particular, International Love cannot warrant that any such content is accurate or correct, or that it fulfills or serves its intended purpose.


If the user finds any content that is offensive or unsuitable, or that breaches any user or third party‘s rights, or that is illegal in any other way, the user must contact International Love through the links available at [email protected]  International Love will investigate any complaints and violations regarding its policies. On the basis of these findings, International Love will take all necessary measures and will keep the user informed as to any such actions.


The user acknowledges that International Love websites contain and provide content provided by third-party providers, as well as links to the websites of third parties. While International Love is not responsible for any third party content, it will operate in accordance to its obligations under Czech law.


8. Terms of termination of services


This Agreement shall remain in force and is binding throughout the term of the user’s membership with International Love. Both parties agree that the minimum period for membership shall be not less than one calendar month, which period shall be automatically extended (renewed) for additional periods of the same duration. This Agreement may be terminated (cancelled) by both parties.


Both parties may terminate the Basic Membership at any time for any reason.


‘’Gold Tariff’’ membership may be cancelled at anytime by the user or by International Love. After such cancellation, the user shall be entitled to retain a basic ‘’free’’ membership.


‘’Gold Tariff’’ membership may be cancelled by cessation of payments. The user has the right to cancel his/her account at anytime.


In accordance with the Czech Civil Code, both parties may give written notice to terminate (cancel) any contract between International Love and the user. This is particularly the case:


When the user fails to comply with any or all applicable legal requirements of the law or material contractual obligations as stated in these General Terms & Conditions.

b )

When the user’s actions or behaviour significantly tarnishes the reputation of the International Love website or the name of International Love.


In accordance with Article 8.5 (above), and regardless of International Love’s right to terminate the contract, International Love is entitled to:


Delete or block any content sent by the user.


Give detailed notification to the user about any and all content that violates the Agreement, and to seek rectification of such content.


To block the user’s access to all services provided by International Love until such time that the content has been rectified or adjusted to the approval of International Love.


Pursuant to sections 8.5 and 8.6 (above), in the case that International Love terminates a contract or blocks user access to any and all services provided by International Love, the user shall not be entitled to a refund of any advance payments.



International Love acknowledges that any personal information provided by users for utilisation by other members of International Love is very important. International Love must be in compliance with all applicable laws on data protection. In particular, International Love will not provide or otherwise disclose personal information to any third party without the user's consent.


10. Responsibilities of International Love


Except as provided in this Agreement concerning International Love’s liability for damages (negligent breach of a contractual nature, gross negligence, or wilful misconduct), International Love shall not be liable for any other damages.


International Love shall not be liable for any incidental, consequential or indirect damages, unless such damages were caused by gross negligence or wilful breach of conduct.


International Love only provides the infrastructure for International Love members and organises activities for them. Under no circumstances shall International Love accept legal liability for damages related to International Love activities. Furthermore, International Love shall not be held liable for the actions of its members or that of any other participants during International Love events and activities.


Under no circumstances shall International Love accept legal liability for any damage that occurs during any event or activity organised by International Love.


Group ‘’Event Managers’’ are freelance operators and are not employed by International Love. International Love accepts no legal responsibility for damages resulting from gross negligence or wilful misconduct by the "Event Manager". Under no circumstances will International Love accept legal responsibility for the actions of these workers or of the entire group.


Event managers are not employees of International Love. For this reason, International Love assumes no liability whatsoever on behalf of Event managers for any damages resulting from gross negligence or wilful misconduct.


11. Indemnity

The user shall indemnify International Love in the event of a breach of the rights and conditions of the contract between the user and International Love, especially if he/she infringes the rights of any third party due to the display of contents, illegal or otherwise, to which the user has no legal right. In the case of such infringement, the user shall bear any and all costs, especially judicial and legal, that may be incurred by International Love.


12. Mixed


Unless otherwise stated in these General Terms & Conditions, the user may submit all comments to International Love via email in the contacts section or use the contact form in the relevant sections.


If, for any reason, any provision of these General Terms & Conditions becomes invalid and/or unenforceable, the remaining provisions shall continue to be valid and enforceable to the fullest extent permitted by law.


Should any dispute that arises between the user and/or any third party and International Love need to be settled in court, the hearing shall occur in Prague, Czech Republic. Any lawyer engaged by the user and/or any third party in such legal matters, shall respect this necessity.


These General Terms and Conditions (GTC) and any contractual relationship between International Love and a user and/or a third party, are governed by Czech law.


©2016 International Love. All rights reserved.

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