Iceland women dating

Iceland women

So, you’re looking for a smart, well-educated woman with whom to spend your life; someone who lives hand-in-hand with nature and who therefore follows a healthy life-style. If this is the case, Icelandic women are the best choice for you. You will definitely love them from the first time. Most women from this small northern place are well-educated, owing to the nation’s excellent system of education and know to have serious conversation with man same like join lot of fun. While some sites on the Internet may talk about the country being full of feminists, don’t pay any attention – it’s a load of rubbish. Typical island woman honest, kind and loyal.

Because of the wild nature of the areas – volcanoes, lava fields, and thermal springs, the latter being brilliant places in which to relax – Icelandic people have certainly learned to respect Mother Nature. Until fairly recently, the inhabitants of this Nordic nation were pretty homogenic, but in the course of the previous decade the younger generation has opened itself up to readily accept people from other nations and other cultures. The majority of people who come to live here settle in Reykjavik, the capital.

How to find women from Iceland?

  • Fully up-to-date, Icelanders are conversant with modern technologies and, like the rest of us, love to use the Internet as the standard means of communication.
  • The easiest way to find a beautiful Iceland lady from is to visit some international dating site, such as International Love, where you can create a free dating-profile and commence the search for the woman of your dreams.
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Gender roles in Iceland

As a result of living in a naturally clean place, where the winters are cold and the nights long, Icelandic woman possess strong personalities and are well-capable of looking after themselves should they be alone. Think of the era of the Vikings, when the men went overseas to loot and plunder, leaving the women at home to protect the family and keep the fire burning. What it all comes down to is that these ladies are super cool and excellent at running the household. There are no gender roles split in Island. It work similar like in Norway. Man is on the same position like woman, both of them has the same social status so both of them has the same gender-equal. Equally go hand in hand with legislation so employer give the same chances and same quality of job for male same like for female. Unfortunately gender pay gap issues have stubbornly persisted. Fortunately gender pay gap is not that high like in other countries, where do we have much higher Gender inequality. Sometimes not easy, but in real life works gender equal well. Especially big cities in Iceland such is for example Reykjavik brings lot of chances to reach good quality job and life.

What are the typical characteristics of women from Iceland?

  • Organisational skills. The females of Iceland are second to none when it comes to household management. As mentioned above, this skill has been handed down through the ages, from a time long past when their men spent long periods away from home
  • Respect. Not just an awesome song from Aretha Franklin! The women and girls of Iceland work hard, make important decisions about the running of the homestead, and thus love to be respected.
  • Honesty. Of course. It goes hand-in-hand with respect, and is in reality the only way for civilised people to get along with one another.
  • Hard work. Everyone in this amazing part of the world works hard, and the ladies are no exception. At home and at work, these gorgeous women keep themselves busy – it’s a healthy attitude that helps to strengthen their independence
  • Maintaining a distance. You won’t hear an Icelandic girl say, ‘I love you,’ at the end of your first date, no matter how wonderful the evening. Although it can sometimes be regarded as a little cold, it’s perhaps not a bad idea. A little distance at the start of a relationship gives both parties the necessary chance to weigh each other up, before jumping in and making any commitments. But, as soon as the coolness melts, you’ll discover the real warmth of your soulmate.
  • Staying within a group. When visiting Iceland and meeting one of these wonderful females face-to-face, it’s usually a good idea to introduce yourself to a group of her friends who, for example, might be congregating around a bar or a favourite eatery. In this way you’ll have plenty of opportunity to show your interest and also, hopefully, to give a good impression of yourself. And, as mentioned above, these women have strong personalities and are therefore not backward about coming forward. So you might well find yourself being approached by one of these Icelandic goddesses.
  • They expect good qualities from your side too. If you are more "resting type", avoid these ladies. They expect good quality man who know work and help with managing house or family.
  • Because there are no gender roles, it can happen, you date will be ready to pay the bill for the dinner. If so, pay her back next time and pay next bill without questions.
  • Culture is more homogenic. Which means, there is no that much other nationalities like for example in another parts of the world. This can bring first small wall, but trust us, women in Iceland learn accept another nationality pretty fast.

What is the typical stereotype of Icelandic women?

Iceland is a place on the world that practises gender equality, thus allowing the women to become fully independent. Their ability and expertise at working hard and caring about their family, together with their strong personality, enables them to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with their chosen man and share all the responsibilities that come with a full-time relationship. Nearly everyone in this fine country is blessed with a beautiful, clear complexion, and the women and girls maintain healthy, slim bodies. Indeed, some of these slender beauties like to keep fit through practising some sort of sport, be it indoor or outdoor.

How to date Icelandic women

So, now you know a few details about these stunning girls, the next question is, how to date them? Is it best to meet online, or is there an advantage to meeting face-to-face? The first thing to realise is that the typical ‘hunting’ method of the wolf on the prowl, won’t work. This is because of these ladies’ strong character. Stand back, give her space, listen to what she is saying, and take the time to understand and appreciate the steady coming together of two like-minded souls.

  1. Go online – it’s easier! Complete your online profile with as much information as possible. Your prospective partner will want to learn as much about you as you wish to learn about her, probably more. Keep the information simple and honest, and do the same with any photos that you upload. For example, it’s not a good idea to hide behind sunglasses – eyes are the mirror of the soul and people want to see them!   
  2. When you discover your lovely lady, contact her with a message saying ‘Hi!’ along with a short introduction. Wait until she responds to your message, and then start a two-way conversation. 
  3. As mentioned before, Icelanders practise gender equality, a fact that greatly influences the character of these Nordic beauties. It’s a good idea to recall this when communicating with your chosen friend. All these ladies will be happy to talk about anything, especially stuff like life-styles, nature, culture and sport. Famous Icelanders include the snowboarder, Halldór Helgason, and the singer Björk Guðmundsdóttir; and then there’s always the Prime Minister, Katrín Jakobsdóttir. Yes, there’s a multitude of subject to choose from, but, for obvious reasons, play safe and stay away from themes related to sex and religion.  
  4. While the charming people from this area are open and friendly, they are quite at home talking about serious stuff. It could well be that your bright, intelligent, new-found love will lead the way in conversation. Maintain a healthy respect – it’s a smart person you’re talking with. 
  5. When you think you understand one another, it’s time to suggest meeting for a date. Whether you travel to Iceland, or she travels to your home country, is a decision that both of you can make. Discuss all the pros and cons and come to a mutually sensible arrangement.   
  6. Perhaps bring flowers to your first meeting, they’re a great icebreaker. As suggested previously, give her space, listen to what she is saying, and let her make some of the decisions. If the weather is nice, what could be better than a romantic stroll through the beautiful city of Reykjavik?

Why you should marry an Icelandic woman

  • They make for excellent life-partners. They are very loyal, polite, and ready to share equal responsibilities.
  • Your Icelandic wife will expect to return to full-time work after maternity leave. She won’t be happy if you consider her to be a decoration that stays at home all the time.
  • She will be great at all the household stuff – cleaning, cooking, and tidying up after you, but she will expect some help from her partner.
  • In the rare case that the going gets tough or the relationship doesn't seem to be working so well, she will state her mind and do all she can to resolve the situation.
  • If you ask your princess to relocate to your country, she will quickly learn your language, find a job, and earn her own salary. It’s probably good to remember that in Iceland it’s common practice for males and females to receive equal pay for equal work. If this isn’t the case in your home country, it could lead to various complications.
  • Most women from this beautiful area, while more than happy to follow a career, are also looking to raise a family. Marriage is important to them, and they love the stability it brings.

In this amazing country, people lead a healthy life, respect one another, and take good care of themselves. The Icelandic government generally works well for the nation’s inhabitants, especially those who are in employment. Should you wish to settle in Iceland, the law will be on your side and you will have no problem in finding a job. It’s a small country, and there’s not a lot of room, or necessity, for illegal practices.

Also some people are afraid of local feminism, but here is no reason for that. Life style in such an amazing place is healthy. If people protest, it mostly has some logical reason. If there is no reason, people don't protest. Local society work pretty different than for example South Africa society or China.

Not too sure about Iceland women? Maybe you should try other great, foreign women, for example from the  Sweden or Latvia. These women will also inspire you and make your life very enjoyable. Just check through our profiles and start chatting. It‘s easy!

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