Kenyan women

Kenyan women

Kenya is warm country with capital Nairobi sandwiched between Somalia, Tanzania, Uganda, Ethiopia and Southern Sudan. Women living in Kenya are so beautiful and hot. One of the main reason of theirs dark beauty is geographic location which is on equator. The clima is so warm and Sun shining all long days. Thats one of the main reason, why beauty from this area has sexy skin tone, stunning body and magic white, big smile.

Kenyan women are one of the most beautiful princess from African continent. Nationality has rich culture and society reach many evolutions in the past which brings lot of changes into both gender roles. Kenya could be known as traditional country with strictly separated roles, but is it really true?

Kenyan women characteristic

  1. As we spoke before, girls and women from Kenya are pretty beautiful and sexy. One of the most attractive in African continent.
  2. Ladies living in the bit cities join more modern live style than another once from villages or out from cities.
  3. Out of the cities there are still applied gender roles, where woman doing house hold, taking care of family and man is the main "BOSS" at home. In bigger cities like for example Nairobi or Mombasa is not that extremly big different between such a roles. Man help with household and women work as in west.
  4. These beautiful women has clear skin and big white smile also because of healthy food. Even selection is not that rich like in western countries, food is more natural without chemical emulsifiers and stabilizers.
  5. Most of these African princess living out of big cities farming and latter selling theirs products on the market places.
  6. Family is always number one. Its the most important part for them, so once you have a child with your princess, you can be 100% sure, she will always do her best to protect family and children will be always No.1.

Social status has been changed from the root by British colonization in the past. Especially in big cities such is Nairobi or Mombasa where women has more chances to join life and skip out from old gender roles. Big positive point became with this colonization when women start speak in english. Just to explain, lot of people from Kenya speaks in english so there is low language barrier. Thats also one of the reason, why its more easy for foreigners to find a partnership. Another positive point is these awesome black women are changing year by year and getting more open. One of the biggest help is internet connection and high level of tourism which has dynamic progress, because people love this paradise.

Why does Kenyan or African women prefer white men?

  • The main reason, why girls and ladies looking for white man is, he mostly brings new culture into relationship.
  • Theirs western behaviour impose to Kenyan women and make them feel happy and comfortable.
  • They respect women by different way. Keep her studying, do what she love to do in compare with some part of Kenya where man live with old rules so for women is this type of living not that easy.

Kenyan women and education

  • Before colonization all studying of these beautiful women managed by theirs mothers and grandmothers.
  • They mostly learn them how to take care and protect family, how to farming and men were working outside. After colonization women start studying at school, they learn to count and read. In 1990 were half of Kenyan students girls.
  • Ladies from Kenya like to learn other languages to. Big benefit of this attitude is they can adapt on new place of living really quickly.
  • If they relocate, they probably start studying on new place too or they will find job to do some work because it comes from theirs root.

How to date Kenyan women or ladies?

Kenyan culture is probably more open thank you expect. You don't need to be afraid to go directly to Kenya to find beautiful lady exactly for you. People having conversation on the streets, no rules for women talking with men. You don't need to be worried. Nothing happen to you if you start talking with this beautiful African women. You have high % chance, she will keep conversation running in english. Of course probably not the same level like you if you are from America, Britain or any other native english speaking country, but you will understand pretty well and phrases she is missing, she will learn by time and conversation with you. Just take care theirs age. Sometimes its hard to expect her age, they can be really young and looks like sexy women you can find for example on Google or YouTube on Africa channels.

Second way how you can date this beauty is to make a profile on international dating site for example International Love bellow, where you can find women you like. After this you can just send her friends request and start conversation via chat, where you can meet each other and know each other little bit. Take care, Kenyan women are intelligent and sexy same like many other African women. They will understand very quickly if you are looking just for fun. Most of African women search for serious relationship even some Western men dont think so.

Dating Kenyan women across the dating site:

Its super easy:

  1. Create your own dating profile.
  2. Find a lady you would like to be in contact with.
  3. Gently start with a conversation - avoid sexual phrases or other type of conversation in "impolite mode". It is important recommendation. You can start with some general issues like Africa, people living there, places you might like to visit or you can ask her, what does she like?
  4. Show your interest of her - Kenyan girls like to be in touch with gentlemen, who knows to chat or talk kindly.
  5. When everything is working and you see her interest too, you can prepare video call. Enjoy it, these females has amazing curvy hair. That's the fact and she mostly wear some trendy clothes. But don't be surprised, they can look as glamour feminine if is ocasion.

Are there Keyan women good wifes?

Yes, they are. They are little bit submissive beside theirs husband, this attitude they lear from theirs mothers and grandmothers, but also it is important to say, they learn quickly, so if the get more space into relationship, they will organize or managed more things inside family. So when something go "wrong" you dont need to be affraid, your beauty will do her best to help both of you find meaningful solution.

When both of you decide to relocate in future, there is high % chance, these women will do theirs best to stay in touch with society in her new place. Most of them will search some job like for example model or in administrative because they are naturally hardworking. When beautiful Kenyan women has kids, they are excelent mothers and they know very good to take care about all family as we mentioned before.

Not sure about Kenyan women? You can try to search other women from countries around the world. For example Ethiopian ladies or women from Colombia or Russia. Just keep searching and your lucky star will find you when it’s the right time. Smart people know that, for each of us, there is always someone with whom to share life’s happy moments.

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