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Korean women

Together, the two Koreas, North and South, occupy approximately 220,000 square kilometres, and would fit into the land mass of the United States of America nearly forty-four times. However, since the end of World War II, when the country was split into two by the United States and Russia, North Korea and South Korea have been two distinctly different nations. South Korea enjoys democratic freedom, while the north endures a Communist-style dictatorship presided over by Kim. Dating back to as early as 300,000BC, Korea is a peninsula surround by sea – to the west, the Yellow Sea which divides the country from China, and to the east, the Sea of Japan which divides the country from the Japanese Islands. From furthest north to the most southerly point, the Korean peninsula measures approximately 1,000 kilometres, while the width of the country varies between 200 and 400 kilometres. To the south, the Korea Strait separates South Korea from the Japanese Islands of Kyushu and Honshu. And to the north, North Korea for the most part borders China, and for a distance of perhaps only 15 kilometres it borders Russia. The capital of North Korea is Pyongyang, and that of South Korea is Seoul, a city of about 10 million as compared to about 3 million in Pyongyang.

A brief history:

Korea, as a whole, was annexed and under the colonial administration of Japan from 1910 to 1945, and during peaceful demonstrations against the Japanese in 1919, more than 7,000 Koreans were killed by the occupying security forces. In the Second World War, between 1939 and 1945, thousands of Koreans were forced into Japan’s Imperial Army and nearly quarter-of-a-million women and girls were used by the Japanese military as ‘Comfort Women’, a brutality which was not officially admitted to by the Japanese until 1993.

Today’s joint population of about 75 million, divides unevenly between the two nations – South Korea being home to twice as many people as North Korea, while both nations share Korean as the national language. Although Korea existed under the spell of Confucianism for many hundreds of years, along with an infusion of Buddhism, Taoism and Shamanism, South Korea has leaned towards Christianity during the past 100 years or so, although nearly 50% of the population profess not to follow any particular faith. The Communist North Korea has banned religion altogether and is closed to people either wanting to leave or enter the country. South Korea, enjoying the freedoms of a democratic, pro-Western society, has an immigrant population of about one million, of whom just over 50% is Chinese.

Education is South Korea is pretty good, its worldwide rating is second highest in mathematics and literature, and third best in the field of science. Somewhat stricter than Western-style education, students spend a mandatory, though free, twelve years in elementary, middle and high school. While education in North Korea is also state funded, there is heavy stress on social development, carefully controlled so that students wind up with an almost brainwashed rejection of worldly influence and animosity towards South Korea. While baseball, golf and football are popular sports in South Korea, the self-defence method of Taekwondo is the nation’s favourite.


As with most Asian countries, Korea’s staple diet revolves around rice and soy beans, although perhaps the best-known aspect of Korean cuisine is kimchi, which usually comes in the form of preserved cabbage served as a side dish. Being surrounded by sea, fish is one of the most popular types of food, while beef and pork are also firm favourites. Korean food is pretty tasty and is spiced up with sauces made from chillies and peppers, especially the popular take-away snack food which mainly consists of noodles or rice cakes and fish cakes.

So what about the women of Korea?

Yes – the females of Korea are renowned world-wide as being absolutely gorgeous, and it’s absolutely true. Sometimes dressed in the national costume, but most often wearing up-to-date fashions from the West, Korean beauties are well-versed in knowing how to look their glorious best. On an equal footing with the guys, when it comes to education, health and legal rights, the women of South Korea don’t fare quite so well when it comes to employment. Often working long hours as clerks or secretaries in banks, travel agencies and the offices of big businesses, also as labourers in factories concerned with the production of electronic equipment, textiles and clothes, etc., the women and girls of this country do not enjoy financial equality, and South Korea is the worst ranked country in this respect. However, things have progressed from the 1940s, when women had little or no formal education and were traditionally confined to the home. Forbidden from any social activity – indeed, men and women were normally kept apart – they had to be subordinate, follow the dictates of her husband and provide children.

And today?

Old customs die hard, and although more and more women have jobs outside the home, they’re still expected to be the engine that runs the household – cooking, washing, and looking after the children. Men are seen as the providers, the people who go out and work and bring home a salary. Times are changing, though, and Korean girls take great care to appear tidy and feminine. They like to dress in colourful clothes and wear just a touch of make-up, flaunting their sexy bodies as they pirouette along the sidewalk.

A great thing about Korean women is their polite manner, and because they tend not to overeat they are mostly slim and have beautiful blemish-free skin. They are usually extremely attractive, tend to look young, and nearly all these ladies sport healthy-looking, long black hair. As with their counterparts in most other countries of the world, they like spending time with their friends and engage in a wide variety of sporting activities, going to dances and the cinema, and also singing at a karaoke bar. In tandem with the changing life-styles, the married women of this amazing country very often seek further education at a college or university and sometimes end up building a successful career.

Marriage, coming from deep within the traditional roots of the Korean way-of-life, forms the most common and most sought after type of relationship, very often with a man from another country.

How should I date one of these beautiful ladies?

  1. It’s important to remember that the Korean family always comes first. Marriage is a very important step for everyone, and divorce is seldom on the agenda. If children happen to arrive on the scene, your beautiful lady will excel at being the perfect mother, irrespective of what’s going on around her. And don’t forget the importance of your partner’s family, include them in your embrace and your relationship will steadily grow in strength.
  2. Food and the art of eating is part of the Korean heritage, establishing and maintaining the bond between family and friends. When you are invited into someone’s house, you’ll receive a very warm traditional welcome which will definitely include profuse offerings of food and drink.
  3. Good manners are imperative, and it’s important to be the perfect gentleman. Always open the door for your lady and allow her to pass through ahead of you. Pull the chair back for her and edge it forwards as she starts to sit down. Your date will expect you to pay for everything you offer – coffee, tea, drink, taxi and dinner, so make sure you have the readies to cover the evening. And be polite, don’t cut into her conversation. Even though she might be telling you all about her life as a little girl, show interest!
  4. Because of their inbred politeness, they are very skilful at hiding their emotions, even when they find themselves in the middle of a serious conversation with which they may not agree. To complain about something – anything – is frowned upon and considered impolite, and this often makes it difficult to get any feedback. However, when you have dated and fallen hopelessly in love with your Korean angel and you’re looking to build a serious relationship, it’s best to be open and honest and tell hell what’s on your mind. But do it politely! Argumentation is a wonderful thing, it’s the civilised way to sort out any lingering problems. But, remember, a woman is ALWAYS right – even when she’s wrong! Actually, this is something you should already know – it’s a pretty universal truth.
  5. The Korean work ethic is to work hard, especially in Seoul, which typically never sleeps, and your sweet goddess will expect you to be imbued with the same attitude. This is good news, because if you happen to be a career-driven workaholic, your partner will absolutely accept the situation and give you all the support she can.

How do I win the heart of a Korean beauty?

  • Typically, it’s up to the man to first suggest going out on a date. But if she says ‘No!’ accept it as a challenge, and ask again. However, it’s not necessary to go overboard and keep asking in a persistent manner. If after three or four attempts ‘no’ is still the answer, she means it, so cease and desist, and don’t end up digging a hole for yourself.
  • Dress smart, casual. You can bet your bottom dollar that your date will turn up looking immaculate and beautiful. She will not be impressed if you show up looking like a troll. No girl wants to be greeted by someone who’s all hot and sweaty, stinky and dressed in tatty clothing. A suit probably isn’t necessary, but smart jeans or trousers and an ironed shirt and nice jacket would be well in order.
  • Romance ain’t dead. This goes hand-in-hand with point No. 3 above, in that macho, animalistic behaviour doesn’t go down well in the eyes of the Korean female. Remember to be a gentleman – suave, sophisticated, even-tempered and in control. It’s okay to be affectionate, but not excessively so, and remember that it’s okay to speak your mind so long as you do it without being aggressive.
  • In order to win the heart and the love of this gorgeous, dark-haired, slim and tender beauty, you’ll need to gain her trust by letting her understand that you also appreciate her other qualities: she’ll want to be sure that it’s not just her beauty that attracts you. So, don’t rush into things. Let nature take its own sweet, natural course, and if she’s interested after your first tentative communications, she’ll be sure to let you know. Take it easy and take it slowly, get to know your lady as a nice soul mate and in time you’ll come to understand if she’s the right person with whom to start a permanent relationship.

Why are Korean women so attractive to other nationalities?

It’s all about their tradition, their custom of being tender, sentimental, soft-spoken and polite. Remember that until quite recently it was natural for these beautiful girls to be demure and subordinate in every way. And though times have changed and Korean women are free and independent, they maintain the attractive aura of extreme femininity.

Because the importance of the family and a sense of maternal obligation are central to their way-of-life, your soulmate will be adept at maintaining a nice tidy home and at organising all the daily household chores.

Men of all ages and from many parts of the world seem to be developing a strong interest in dating single Korean ladies. Caught up with the idea of meeting a gorgeous woman from this beguiling country, they are also interested in marriage. And when you eventually get to meet your contact, you’ll soon discover that your newfound friend will be fun-loving and carefree, but also sensitive, well-educated, sophisticated and intelligent.

How do I contact a single female from Korea?

Okay, so now we know all there is to know about these fantastic females, let’s think about the best way to get in touch with one of these charming singles. Obviously, the perfect way is to literally bump into her – on the street, on a beach, in a bar or at some sort of event. But there are many other ways of getting to meet a beautiful Korean, and perhaps one of the easiest methods is to join an international or interracial dating service, such as International Love and eHarmony, where you can meet single people from all parts of the world who are looking for someone like YOU. Having chosen your service, you should sign in and accept the Privacy Policy. You’ll then have to create your dating profile, which should include information about yourself and also give some idea of the sort of person you’re looking for. At any given moment there are literally thousands of people searching through these profiles, and it’s therefore very important for your profile to be created in such a way as to stand out from the rest and attract the attention of others. However, don’t write too much – no one wants to read an essay. A few lines should be enough, but make sure they are short and catchy, enough to tell the world who you are and what you want. You can also add a photo, or two. Again, they should be the genuine article, not a photo-shopped version of a super hero. Remember, on the day of the BIG MEET your prospective partner will expect to see the same person they fell in love with when they read your dating site profile.

Unsure about Korean women? Never mind, you can meet people from other cultures. For example, girls from China, Japan, Thailand or Vietnam or females from any of the countries of the East.

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