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How about dating a woman who has a great sense of humour, dresses elegantly and is blessed with natural beauty? Yes? Sounds good? Then maybe you should start to think about the ladies from Latvia. The northernmost of the three Baltic States, Latvia is a modern country, open and welcoming to people from other nations and cultures. Leading a normal, healthy life-style the Latvians enjoy good food and like to keep themselves in good shape. But what about Latvian girls and women? How to win the heart and soul of such beautiful females? Well, one way could be to follow our guidelines as set out below.

How to date Lavtian girls and women?

  1. Take your time. Don’t be in a hurry to secure one of these amazing women. Most single girls from this region are on the lookout for a serious relationship, and won’t be interested in a man who believes in wham, bang, thank you mam.
  2. Make a preliminary search via an international dating site or through a Mail Order bridal service.
  3. After exchanging a few messages, you can initiate a video call. No need to be shy about this, Latvian singles are well-versed in this form of dating.
  4. Be polite. This is important and should be a basic rule among all of us who are trying to find out perfect partner. Don’t hog the conversation, don’t brag about yourself, but do make an effort to listen with interest to everything your date tells you.
  5. When you feel there’s a definite connection and that you have plenty in common, this will be the time to set up a meeting. For the first date, it is usually best to travel to the town or city where your dream woman lives, rather than get her to travel to your home town.
  6. Don’t expect to find a super highway straight to her bedroom. These girls are super polite, super cool and super smart – they know there’s no need to hurry into anything. Day by day and step by step is the way forward. Take the time to enjoy getting to know one another.
  7. Also, don’t rush into any physical contact. Most people from the Baltics are a little shy and will greatly respect your gentlemanly manners. Be sensible and don’t crowd her out, and don’t bombard her with stupid questions. The more time you take, the better you will get to know and understand your dream woman.
  8. The first date should always take place in a public place, with lots of other people near at hand. This is essential so that your date feels comfortable and in control of the situation. And remember that it’s customary for the man to pay for meals and drinks at the first meeting. If your lady offers to pay for something, let her do so on the next date.

What about Latvian culture and Mail order brides?

  • Most Latvians like to live within a marriage. This is a customary process, although living together in a stable relationship is also agreeable to these beautiful women.
  • There is respect between the genders, male and female having their own roles in society but more than happy to share the daily chores.
  • Latvians are friendly and open and love to meet people from other countries and other cultures.
  • Money is not regarded as the most important aspect of life. Most men and women from this amazing country have well-paid jobs and believe that it’s more important to fall in love with that all-embracing soulmate rather than finding someone who will just pay the bills.
  • A high percentage of Latvian women look for a serious partner via an international dating agency. Should you access one of these agencies, be serious about your response to these singles women and girls. Stick to the basics and keep to the truth – remember that one day you will meet and any lies will quickly be discovered.
  • Dating via Mail order Brides agencies or through international dating sites is regarded as being a good way of locating Mr. Right.
  • Latvian women are intelligent and love to study – one very good reason why they are successful at getting good, well-paid jobs.
    Most Latvians are family oriented.

Interesting detail

Although the country shares a border with Russia, there is a wide difference between the stereotypes of Latvian and Russian girls and women. Should you wish to find women from Russia, you can read about the best methods for dating them in another article. However, women from both countries like to date via Mail order Bridal services, and it is easy to arrange romantic tours to these areas. In order to capture the heart of your gorgeous goddess, it’s a good idea to remember that quality is always much more important than quantity.


Okay, so you’re still not convinced about Latvian girls? You can always try dating in Europe, for example girls from Estonia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Belorussia, France or one of the other countries of Eastern Europe.  Just keep searching and your lucky star will find you when it’s the right time. Smart people know that, for each of us, there is always someone with whom to share life’s happy moments.

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