Are you looking for an international love and need information about people of all nationalities? Or, now that your search has revealed that one special person, would you like to receive more information about her or his particular nationality? In both cases our page about the characteristics of world nationalities will help you discover which nationality is best for you.

You can discover basic information – typically about the history and geography, and a little about the people who live in any country of your choice. When thinking about the possibilty of starting a relationship with someone from a foreign country, you will need to understand how they live, how they think, and you also need to know about the currrent issues that may affect their way of life. In our documentation on each nation, you’ll also find some basic information about how to date a person from your selected country, and what you should do in order to be successful in your quest. Other interesting information will give you some insight as to what these people think about partnerships, marriage, and kids – all of which is important stuff.

Amongst the most popularly searched nationalities we can list Russian, American, Chinese, Italian, Brazilian, French, Dutch, Swedish, Belgian, Canadian and Turkish.

How many nationalities are there in the world?

While there are 195 fully recognised countries, the actual number of nationalities depends on the politics and the historic and/or economic situation of each country. Some nationalities speak almost the same languages, and this can obviously be of great advantage in your search when you know which language most closely resembles your own. But don‘t be put off should your match happen to speak a different language: he or she, and even you, can always learn a partner’s tongue, and it’s a rewarding task that can also be great fun.

Why should i search for someone of another nationality?

Simple answer - every country is different, with different behaviour, traditions and culture. When you are serious about looking for an international lover, it‘s a good idea to get as much information as possible about the country in which you are interested.

Just a few examples might include the following. The Latin temperament tends, obviously, to be predominant in the warmer southern countries, such as Spain, Italy, and most of South America. In contrast, the cooler and perhaps more reserved behaviour can be said to come from the more northern countries, including Scandinavia, the UK, northern Germany and northern France. Of course, this is merely a guideline and not a dramtic cross-divide between nations. Just as there are good and bad people to be found in every country, there is a multitude of different characteristics that do not pay attention to borders.

While it is always possible to discover that your soulmate is your next door neighbour, it is even more possible that he or she will be from a location many miles from your home. After all, the world is a big place, full of billions of people, and looking for that one special person is a little like looking for a needle in a haystack, or one particular fish in an ocean. For this reason, it is essential that you use the best tools available to help you with your search.

The joys of commencing a relationship with someone from another country are unlimted. For a start, there‘s the excitement of circling around the other person‘s language. More than just a skill, it‘s great fun to laugh together at the first attempts to communicate via sentences more complex than ‘How are you? I‘m fine, thank you!‘ But this is just the beginning. Think of the wealth of information you can discover as the relationship grows: learning about the traditions and cultures of one anothers country, learning about the humour, the music and the media, and most important of all, discovering the different nature of your soulmate.

Have you seriously considered the multitude of countries to choose from? Have you seriously considered the differences between people living in the northern and southern hemisperes? Or, for that matter, people living on opposite sides of the world‘s oceans? Think about, for example, Latvia, Pakistan, Portugal, Scotland and Turkey. And, when you‘ve thought about those countries, how about India, Slovakia, Saudi Arabia and the Cameroon. These are just a few ideas to stretch your imagination and think outside the box. Have fun and let your mind travel freely to wherever it wants to go.

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