Nepal women

Nepal women

were all last centuries generaly subcordinate to men society. Many centuries were men concidered as a leaders of the families and made all importants decisions. This attitude meant, that all womens which were born were automaticaly discriminated. Nepali women didnt had any right for education, health care, social status and many others like for example leaving home in time of women menstruation. But is this attitude still live?

In modern Nepal, society accept lot of new rules which helped to women keep theirs rights which means for example women can study and they are free with theirs own responsibility for theirself and they can do decisions. Nepali women were alsways smart and inteligent even they didnt studied any prestige school. System and family learn every women from first time to theirs adult age how to:

  • take care about family
  • learn how to farming
  • do household
  • creating handmade products

In last decade, when Nepali people include women more into business women grow up and learn to do theirs own decisions manage business topics including leading companies or organizations. Even of that, they still work on education or caring of families, to be more succesful.

What is the stereotype of Nepali women?

Every year, there are many western men looking for dating women from such an amazing area full of spirits. But whats the real character of Nepali girls? What you can expect? And is it really possible to connect these 2 different mentahilies together under one roof?

  • Nepali woman understand what does man need and want. They learn from young age when they were small girls, how to take care of man and family. They know very good listen and understand needs of man soul.
  • Some people and families from Nepal agree with child marriage, this attitude influence sould of Nepali women. Most of them will always do the best to protect theirs own children and will keep them in safe.
  • Girls and women has sexy skin tone.
  • They are honest with positive life approach.
  • Love to take care about thiers mind same like body which they like to have it in good condition.

Life in Nepal

  1. In big cities such is Káthmándú or Pokhara there are some smog problems so some people are really affraid to die from smoke inhalation.
  2. In many remote villages people believe and they are incomplience with ceremony such is Chaupadi. This very old tradion mean, females have to leave the home when they menstruate. They are also excluded from family rituals, cant read books or studing. They have to stay out of the house in some temporary cottage or so. Chaupadi ceremony works also in case, when women delivery baby and change from girl to woman / mother. Touchting men in this time is forbitten. This old tradition comes attitude, that women is "unclean" in her period. Fortunatelly moder Nepali people understand well how things work, so you dont need to be affraid of dating Nepali women.
  3. For typical woman from Nepal is daily pricticing of her Hindu religion daily routine. She can respect other religion too but will always do her best to live in harmony with people arround her.
  4. Some women has experiences with domestic violence. Even its past for most of them, some girls and women from Nepal still has these experiences with this issue.

How to dating women from Nepal?

Right now you might asking yourself "How to find the best Nepal princess from me?" You have 2 ways hwo to find her.

Across some international dating website. Its cheaper version of the plan, but works perfect!
You can dirrectly go to Nepal and try to find some young woman face 2 face. Local community can respect you, Nepal people are friendly and open, but you need to search, if your female you find speak in your leanguage or if she is available to learn.
When you will choose first variation, the best way is to go on some dating website such is International Love, International cupid or eHarmony and some others. You can create your dating profile and after this, you can start searching your dream girl or woman.

Keep attention, women from Nepal are shy, they love honest man. You dont need to be a millionaire, but you need to bring something more than "just money" into relationship. Nepalese females comes from different comunity nod deppends if she is from village or big cities. Most of them search for serious relationship to establish families. When they relocat, they will always do the best to stay in balance with work and family.


Not sure about Nepal women? You can still dating women and girls from other countries arround such is women from China, Japan, India or Russia. Just keep searching and your lucky star will find you when it’s the right time. Smart people know that, for each of us, there is always someone with whom to share life’s happy moments.

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