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Mysterious Romania, a country full of romantic myths and legends and the birthplace of Dracula. It is also home to some of the world’s most beautiful women. Is it possible to date such fantastic girls? Are they similar to other European women? Read on.

What is the typical stereotype of Romanian women?

  1. Most Romanians have a fair amount of gypsy blood running through their veins, and this makes them pretty temperamental, in the same sort of manner as their Latin counterparts. Added to this they are very optimistic, seeing the best in everything and everyone.
  2. They love cultural and social events and, being extrovert, enjoy meeting people from other nations.
  3. Family comes first but if they meet the right guy, most of these gorgeous women are happy to live in another country with the man of their dreams.
  4. Romanian women are great mothers and well-versed in looking after the family. They also know how to look after their man.
  5. They respect their man as being head of the family, even though they themselves have good employment.
  6. Most are quite sporty and love to be out of doors. Activities include hiking, running and skateboarding, and the more athletic are pretty handy on the tennis court. 

So, how do we date a Romanian beauty, attract her interest, win her heart and fall in love? Here are some guidelines which will help make your dating successful.

How to date a Romanian girl or women:

To date one of these beautiful women is not difficult, just follow these basic ideas and step onto a winning path. While most women and girls from this fantastic country are sexy and stunningly attractive, they are also well-educated, highly intelligent and enjoy a well-paid job. Interested in finding a serious partner, they are happy to meet foreigners and have no problem with worldly cultures.

6 Tips how to dating Romanian women:

  • Be on time, especially for that all-important first date.
  • Accept the fact that even when she’s wrong, she’s right. Don’t argue in such a way as to make her angry.
  • Don’t be anxious if your woman becomes a tad tempestuous. Boiling-point is reached in a matter of seconds, and then everything quickly reverts to normality.
  • Even though these girls are very sexy, it doesn’t mean they’re only after your money. Keep your head and act in a gentlemanly manner and you’ll definitely find the way to her heart.
  • Buy flowers, be polite and listen to everything she says, even when she goes on for hours about her family.
  • Respect is an important trait.

Romania women dating

Stuff to avoid when dating Romanian girls:

  • Never be late. As mentioned above, punctuality is all important. Even though your lady might be a couple of minutes late, she’ll get all antsy if you keep her waiting. It’s the way it is.
  • Don’t try to find a fast road to her bedroom. Take your time and enjoy a few dates to make sure she’s the right person for you.
  • Don’t push her into doing stuff she may not want to do. These women love to make their own decisions.

Things to know about Romanian women:

The majority of Romanians like the concept of marriage, so this is probably what your gorgeous princess has in mind. She will be very loyal and will respect her man as being the head of the household. We should also remember that some of these girls were born in Transylvania, so if they are sometimes a little mysterious, we should go with the flow. Fully up-to-date with the rest of the world, Romanian girls and women adore music, love meeting people, enjoy sporting activities, and know how to take care of themselves.

Why are Romanian girls so good looking?

The reason for this is their healthy diet. Like the French, they visit the market every day and use fresh produce in their cuisine. Focused on their way-of-life, they steer clear of stress and other negative influences. Romanians are happy people, living in harmony with their family, their friends, and their career.

What is the best dating site to meet Romanian girls and women?

The best place to date these sexy females is to visit a dating site, such as International Love, where you can find girls looking for someone from another country. Another typical site is eHarmony.

Not sure about Romanian wome? Maby you can try to date women from Russia, Hungary, Latvia, Venezuela, Brazil or you can try something absolutely different like dating Mail order bride. All is only up to you.

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