Russian women

Russian women

Russia is the biggest and ninth most populous country in the world, and the Russian economy rates among the 10 largest economies in the world. But how about the women who live in Russia? It’s a fact that Russian women outnumber Russian men. It’s another fact that Russian women prefer older men.

So – where to begin?

Obviously, it’s best to start with something we know – and that’s YOU! The more you know about yourself and exactly what it is you are searching for, the easier it will be to get straight to the point. You also need to have some idea about the stereotypical Russian lady – her likes, her dislikes, and her traditions, and you need to learn about Russian and Slavic culture. It is not a good idea to storm like a bull into a dating situation believing you know everything. You probably don’t. So take time to understand the differences between the way of life in your country and the lifestyle of a woman from Russia.

The stereotypical woman from Russia

As with most women from Eastern Europe, Russian ladies are perhaps a little less outspoken than their Western counterparts: they are used to being viewed as the ‘second’ sex in their home land and are often treated violently, sometimes even murdered, by their husband or lover. In 1993 a law was passed which was supposed to guarantee equal rights between men and women – sadly, this is rarely the case. With this in mind, it will be obvious that the typical Russian woman will be seeking a ‘gentleman’, someone who will respect her feminine ways and treat her as an equal. Good news - you are off to a good start! Western men are usually perceived as being romantic, kind and considerate, and therefore more attractive than the average male from Eastern Europe, who spends most of his time in the pub, spits on the pavement and sees his woman as being no more than an object.

Although volatile argumentation with her man is seen as being impolite, she will speak her mind when necessary. Well-educated and up-to-date with worldly affairs, the Russian woman of your dreams will usually be able to speak adequate English and converse about most topics. It is often said that a relationship with someone from another country can turn out to be a lot more satisfying and rewarding, simply because there is so much to learn about one another’s cultural differences and experiences.

Correspondence with Russian women

You will need to prepare a good profile, which should include two or three tasteful photographs of yourself. Think about wearing a shirt and tie, rather than the usual jeans and T.shirt.
Your smile should be genuine – not a pasted-on, photo-shopped variation of an advert for toothpaste. You may not be a Clooney look-alike, but this is not important. The thing that matters most is your attitude and your ability to be genuine.
Write about yourself, your job, your home and your interests.
Specify your height and weight, remembering to be accurate because at some stage you will hopefully meet your contact, and if you have said you are six feet tall, she will expect you to be six feet tall!
Write about your hopes and ideas for the future, and about what is important for you in a relationship.
While none of us can expect to be 100% cheerful at all times, it is essential to maintain a positive nature and be truthful at all stages of your dating adventures.

Dating Russian women

People living in the Russia, specially people from Moscow, love to meet foreigners from all parts of the world, and it’s not important where they come from - France, the United Kingdom, Canada, or some Arab country. To start with, it’s a good idea to leave politics and religion out of the equation – these can be touchy subjects even when discussed with someone from your own country. And don’t bring sex into any of your initial conversations; leave personal issues aside until maybe the second or third meeting, by which time you will be better able to gauge your partner’s response. Remember that your date is another human, a person who has her own beliefs, desires and fantasies. Treat her properly, show respect and don’t rush into anything, and she will respond in her own sweet adorable way. As always, honesty is the best policy. Be genuine, be yourself and don’t pretend to be something you are not; your deception will be discovered and your lady will, quite rightly, leave you high and dry.

Old-fashioned manners are an absolute requirement. While your Russian date may project the aura of being reserved, independent and anything but helpless, she will nevertheless expect you to help her with her coat, to open the door for her and to bring flowers when you meet for the first time. In other words, you should be the perfect gentleman that she is looking for.

Be aware that people don’t normally discover that they are soul mates on the first meeting. To fully understand someone and realise that you both have the same interests, thoughts and ideals, can take a long time. So never lose sight of the fact that the ‘two Ps’ patience and perseverance are well worth the effort.

What do people find attractive about Russian girls?

  • their femininity
  • their readiness to relocate
  • their care for the family
  • their loyalty in marriage
  • their love of children and being excellent mothers
  • Moscow and other cities in the country are multicultural so many Russian women know to speak English
  • Beautiful Russian ladies have an positive approach to sport and usually have a job

Are Russian women interested in marriage?

Yes. Women from Russia and the Ukraine are strongly attached to family values so they will have an interest to live within a marriage – it comes from their culture and is therefore sealed in their blood. And although the Russian male will always do his best to allure his nation’s angels, his chauvinistic attitude will stand against him. Therefore the Russian female, whether single or divorced, with or without children, is naturally curious about forming a relationship with a gentleman from the enlightened West. Russian brides and those from the Ukraine are always charming and feminine, and serious about the reliability, loyalty and confidence of the man she will marry. If she falls in love with you, she will not only be your wife, lover, advisor and best friend, she will also stand beside you in times of trouble.

Dating Russian women

Why are Russian women sought for marriage?

Hmm . . . there are a multitude of reasons. But perhaps the most intriguing thing about Russian women is their unfailing ability to be positive, even when things go wrong. Coming from a traditionally male-oriented country, the utter collapse of the Soviet Union and the disintegration of communism brought about a much needed change for Russian women. Freedom to control and pursue their interests and, perhaps more importantly, freedom to travel to other countries, has placed the Russian lady in a position of strength. Supposedly, most men are attracted by the natural beauty of Russian women, and it’s easy to see why. It’s also easy to understand why western women are often pretty jealous of their Russian counterparts - think of all the Russian models who strut their funky stuff along the walkways of International Fashion Shows!

But when you get to talk with and understand a Russian woman, you will begin to see beyond the famed beauty and discover the warmth, love and happiness that she can bring into your relationship. There is a well-known phrase – treat her right and she will be your Princess – and this is certainly the case with ladies from Russia. Care for her, make her laugh, and remember sometimes to help with the washing-up, and she will be all you have ever wished for.

Russian women, who are they?

We know more than a little about love and dating, and because our target is to help you find love anywhere in the world, we believe it’s equally important to supply you with some basic information about Russian women and Russian culture.

Many people ask: “Why are Russian woman so popular in the world?” The answer is easy.

  1. They have a traditional point of view regarding the role between men and women.
  2. They are very friendly.
  3. They know how to look their best.
  4. The main point is their “mysterious Russian soul”.
  5. They are able to find a job when they relocate, but will always accept the man as the head of the family.

Why meet Russian woman?

When you date a Russian woman you will normally find her to be an amazing and charming woman with a great sense of humour. Even though her life situation might at present not be the easiest, she’ll stand proudly beside her man. Once she’s chosen a partner to live with, she will stay with this person. Despite global emancipation of women, Russian women hold very strong family values, retaining a traditional view of the role between men and women. The male is considered to be the provider, supplying the family with tangible assets, while the female is seen as the housewife and the mother of happy children. While many Russian women use every opportunity to gain a perfect education, attain a great job and pursue a career, the family will always be their first priority.

Russian women are brought up according to patriarchal traditions, so they will always expect their man to be in charge of the family. If there’s something she doesn’t agree with, she’ll discuss it eye-to-eye, calmly and politely, maintaining respect for her man. If there’s a problem with the relationship, she will do her best to hold the family together.

Russian women love fashion and enjoy being beautiful. They love to be fully up-to-date with the latest fashions, high heels, clothing and make-up.

Russian women are beautiful and proud. While they love flowers, they also like their man to be in charge. Many are interested in finding a foreign man who will love and respect them. Although the traditional view regarding family roles can sometimes make things a little difficult, when she engages in a relationship with a foreigner, a Russian woman will respect the culture of the man she is dating.

If you are unhappy with the ladies you see, remember that it is easy to check out the profiles and photos of girls from other parts of the world, such as Belarus, Poland, Slovenia, China or the Ukraine. Ukrainian women, specially those from Kiev, are awesome! Ready and able to relocate, live happily within a marriage and raise a family. And, after maternity, a Ukrainian will be eager to go back to work and find a job.

Remember if you are not sure about Slavic countries, you can also search through profiles from other nations such as India, Colombia, Uganda, or somewhere totally different, such as Norway, where you can perhaps discover an Arctic beauty.

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