Samoan women

Samoan women

Samoa women comes from small independent area in Polynesia islands in Oceania. Country has only 2944 km². Samoan population is around 176 908 inhabitants with capital Apia. If we say Samoan island is a piece of tropical paradise we are not far from true. Samoa is one of them most amazing island countries on the world. If you imagine Carribien Pirates land, Samoa looks the same.

Samoan women, theirs culture and behaviour?

  • Samoan people living in very small community. Because the community is so small, people living here keep traditions running and live closely to each other. All families are connected between each other which is part of theis culture.
  • Pacific ocean is warm same like heart of local people. Which doesn't mean they accept you immediately. Everything has it's own time same case work for woman, man and all families. In this attitude, there is no gender split fr such an issue.
  • Samoan culture and society doesn't restrict women and their rights. Which means Samoan men completely respect women same like women respect men. There is no difference between man and woman in Samoan society. Both of them works, have a fun, can go for a coffe or on the beach with friends.
  • Samoan culture and society doesn't restrict women and their rights. Which means Samoan men completely respect women same like women respect men. All this happend with the support of UN Women ’s Fund for Gender Equality which collaborated with Samoan goverment too in the past. There is no big difference. Both gender works, have a fun, can go for a coffe or on the beach with friends.

Samoan history and culture

  • History of indipedent state is pretty rich. That is the reason why they have so many customs which comes hand in hand with ruled countries in the past.
  • Today's Samoy area was populated by the Polynesians in the 10th-7th centuries. Latter discovered by Dutch, French and British seafarers.
  • In 1899 country has been splited in 171nd meridian for two parts. Western Samoa has been administrered by German and Easern by United States.
  • 1962 general public referendum proclaimed an indipendence western part of island Samoa. Eastern kept by USA as American Samoa.
  • 1997 country droped label "western" from its name.
  • 2007 last monarch died and island became Republic of Samoa with parlimentary type.

Samoan women and their way of life

  • As we said, Samoan island is located in the tropical pacific. This location brings great temperature for farming of local agriculture. Which bring quality food on the plates and pretty healthy life style.
  • Samoan people love to live healthy lifestyle. Even they were occupated by United States, Germany and some others, they never completely taken thier fastfood behaviour.
  • All Samoan people love thiers tradition so there is legal authority to protect Samoan customs.
  • Samoan women live in a traditional marriage, respect men and whole family same on both sides if the island. This whole pattern of the Samoan way of life will be forever.
  • Women here on both sides speak fluently english (on American Samoa it official language same like thier own local).
  • American Samoans are among the highest population on the whole island.

Is samoan woman good for marriage?

Well ... yeah, these females from South pacific are pretty good wifes. Their positive life approach brings lot of useful attitude. They are not affraid to work and just to give better feedback the lead for example National University of Samoa. Because this culture is friendly, they don't fight with theirs opposite and doing the best for effective collaboration.

As its known, most of people from this area are friendly and positive. Same works for New Zealand in Australia. Or maby you have similar experience with this healthy approad with another common state from neighberhood.

Family is always No.1. and nothing will change it. Samoan women are more protector than females which loves to risk.

Most of them cook healthy and tasty, but also they are not that good in agressive method of dealing (in job same like at home).

Now sure about Samoan women? You might try to dating someone else. For example women from New Zealand or another Pacific areas.

Not sure about Samoan women? You can stilll search between many other thousands women from another countries. For example Puerto Rico, Cambodia, Colombia or temperament Brazil.

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