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With a coastline bordering the South China Sea and stretching for more than 1,200 miles, Vietnam is a beautiful country populated with awesome girls and women. Friendly and open-minded, the Vietnamese will warmly welcome you should you decide to visit their country and explore the amazing culture on offer. But perhaps you want more than this? Perhaps you are on the lookout for an exotic soulmate who could become your partner, lover and best friend? Is this sort of thing possible? Just visit the country and wallow in the luxurious hospitality.

Why date Vietnamese girls and women?

  • Vietnamese women are blessed with a strong personality. This is because most of them have experienced a pretty hard way-of-life.
  • They appreciate the honesty and good manners of real gentleman, who are also polite and respectful.
  • They probably feature amongst the world’s most loyal people.
  • Having a strong sense of family, they make the best of friends, loving wives and great mothers.
  • While the economic situation may seem a little different to that of Western countries, the females of this amazing country are hard workers, who enjoy life to the full.
  • Although many people see Vietnam as a sort of playground, a place in which to have fun, we should be aware that Vietnamese women and girls are smart. Most of these gorgeous beauties are seeking a strong relationship with a trustworthy partner with whom to start a family. So if you are visiting the country as a sex tourist, looking for cheap thrills, that’s all you’ll get. Pleasure seekers will never discover the real gems, because the smart women of this country will see straight through your intentions.

How to date Vietnamese women?

To win the heart of your Vietnamese goddess, found via an international dating site or met face-to-face on a visit to the country, we suggest following the steps set out below. Be aware that here, as in all countries, there are many different types of women – some are good and some are just out to take your money. If you are looking for the honest type of girl, the real princesses, it’s best to visit the better neighbourhoods where you’ll have a higher chance of meeting her. You will be unlikely to meet the woman of your dreams in a sleazy low-cost nightclub down in shantytown.

  1. Politely ask her to meet you at a respectable venue in a public place, perhaps a good quality restaurant or bar. It is customary for the man to pay for meals and drinks when on a date.
  2. Show interest. Ask questions about her life, her family and the culture of her country, and listen to what she says. Let her see that you are serious about the possibility of a strong, loving relationship, and, at the same time, you’ll be able to discover whether she’s the best girl for you.
  3. After your first or second date, you could prolong the meeting by suggesting a walk through the city, provided of course you don’t step out into a downpour! Walking goes well with talking and is a great opportunity to discuss the stuff that you maybe forgot to talk about over dinner. When looking for a serious partnership it’s important to have a little heart-to-heart about some of life’s nitty gritty subjects, especially when searching for that special soulmate.
  4. Give her information about yourself. Not too much though, you don’t want to come across as being boring. And remember always to be truthful. Lies will eventually be discovered and life will become topsy turvy.
  5. Vary the conversation. There are many topics to choose from, such as music, cinema, interesting places to visit in the city and in the country, culture and traditions. Don’t mention the Vietnam War and don’t start comparing women from different countries. War talk is never a good point for discussion over a yummy dinner, and comparing women is nonsensical – we are all different for many wonderful reasons. Anyway, this sort of chatter should in no way be entertained on the first date.
  6. After a successful evening, be a gentleman and pay for a taxi to take her back to her home. Hold the taxi door open for her and shake her hand, and if it the situation seems right, kiss her on the cheek and suggest another meeting. Discerning women, looking for a serious relationship, will appreciate good manners. Remember to show respect at all times and don’t bombard her with inane questions.

During the last twenty years or so, Vietnamese ladies have become slightly more westernised that most of the Asian neighbours. However, they are still quite different when compared to the women of America. Most Vietnamese women and girls are fairly traditional and have a strong belief in marriage, so this should be kept in mind when dating the gorgeous girl of this amazing country.

The role of gender in Vietnam

These roles have changed many times throughout the history of Vietnam. In the first half of the 20th century, women gained equal rights with men, allowing them to be employed by the government. During the war between North and South Vietnam, however, women were forced to accept many of the roles normally undertaken by men, stuff such as engineering, military roles, carpentry, and many other menial tasks. In 1976, the two countries merged to become the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. Nowadays, the nation has become much more westernised and women receive high education, which allows them to find good employment, quite often in managerial roles.

Perhaps you are not too attracted by Vietnamese women? If this is the case, you could always try dating girls from several other Asian countries, such as China, Thailand, Cambodia, Korea, Laos, Japan, or any of the fascinating countries that belong to Indonesia.

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